Braun Strowman Is Wreaking Havoc In The WWE

 As of late Braun Strowman has been beating up everyone in his path.
Back a few months ago he was running around wanting better competition. They had him at some matches wrestling two and three opponents in the ring. Yes he made short work of them as he did the old stack the beaten wrestlers on top of each other for the 1-2-3 Pin.
 Okay so lets think who has he had some feuds with so far ? Oh yes he had a little run with Sami Zayn for awhile. In fact Sami still shows up once in awhile to take a poke at the big man. How could we forget the current feud with Roman Reigns. The last I had seen he pretty much beat Roman Reigns to a pulp. Yes they put Roman on a stretcher and Braun shoved him off the shipping dock and he landed up side down on the concrete. The they put Roman in the Ambulance and Braun tipped the Ambulance over with Roman inside.
 Next he had put Kalisto in a dumpster and rolled him off the stage platform. I also remember Braun making a statement to the beast Brock Lesnar, but I have not heard too much more of that lately. Now for the finally you had the Big Show slam into Braun pushing him into the steel garage door. Of course you know this was not going well, so the Big Show and Braun ended up in the ring. Yes that match ended with the Big Show giving the Big Show a Superplex off the turnbuckle. This ended with the entire ring collapsing as the referee got bounced out of the ring. Braun got up and did his beastly roar. The last time I saw that happen was with Mark Henry and the Big Show.
 I just wonder when Braun will end up with one of the Championship Belts.

Here are a few videos below and I hope you enjoy them.




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