Crush Rusev Crush

               This was where it started with Enzo and Lana.
 I was watching the show the other night and Lana tempted Enzo Amore so much that he fell for the temptress. Well in one sense he sort of got what was coming to him. Yes you do not mess around with another mans wife. So I actually do feel bad for Rusev and I feel he was somewhat just in what he did to Enzo. I believe that Big Cass was trying to give his good friend some excellent advise, but Enzo did not listen.
 Now I do have to give Enzo some credit. When he was in the room with Lana he was trying to get out of a bad situation. If you saw it Lana just kept tempting him more and more until he gave in to temptation. Then who showed up, yes it was big angry Rusev. He threw Enzo around like a rag doll and beat him senseless. Then he dragged Enzo out the door and left him in the hallway for the maid to clean up.


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