The WWE Shield At Each Others Throats

 Well I knew it would happen at some point in time. We have Dean
Ambrose as the Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns both trying to get the belt back from Dean Ambrose. Then we have a few others like John Cena and AJ Styles both fighting each other as well as wanting the championship. I have a feeling it will come down to the three from the shield fighting and then the other two picking the bones.
 Okay so what else is going on in the wwe lately. Oh yes I just heard that Brock Lesnar is coming back and so is Randy Orton. I see they will be fighting each other at Summer Slam. I have a feeling Randy will be going on a trip to suplex city and it won't be a good trip. I just hope he doesn't end right back up on the hurt recovery shelf.
 Okay back to Cena and Styles. Well AJ Styles took the low road and had help from the Club. Yes all leftovers from TNA Wrestling. Now it seems as though all they want to do is beat up on John Cena.
Jealously is sure running deep these days. For awhile no one was coming down to the ring to step up to John Cenas side. Well that changed the Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy have stepped in to make it three on three. Although they don't seem to care about Cena, but just want to put a stop to the club from doing whatever they please.
 I was watching the smackdown show and poor enzo almost had another bad fall. He through himself over the top rope to land on the club. Well one of his legs hit the top rope and he came right down to the mat outside the ring. It looked like the club tried to help break his fall. Fortunately he seemed to be okay and got right back into the fight. Will have to see how far this one goes. Personally I would like to see Kane and The Big Show step in to help John Cena.
 Okay on a final note I almost thought I was hearing things with the ringside announcers. I came in late and heard what sounded like Jerry Lawlers voice. When the cameras got there yes there was the King. Yes Jerry Lawler was right back where he belongs at ringside and that made this WWE Universe Fan
feel good.

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