Whats New With The WWE

 Okay so what is new in the WWE these days. Well we have Roman Reigns kicking the you know what out of AJ Styles. I notice that all of the sudden some of the fans are booing Roman Reigns as if he is a bad guy for defending his title. It was just a short time ago when everyone was cheering him. Oh yes the typical wwe universe as we all change with the times. I even felt myself as if I wasn't sure to be upset with Roman Reigns, but the I heard him say he is not the good guy, he is not the bad guy, he is just the guy. He is absolutely right, so cheer for who you like and realize he is doing whats right when you are the guy.
 Now on to other things happening in the WWE. Well lets see, oh yes we have Vince McMahon making both Stephanie and Shane in charge of Monday Night Raw. I can just see the rivalry building up between the two. They almost seem to be one upping each other at every turn. One comes out and ads something to the match and then the other comes out and ads their touch to the match. How long until the two of them have a match in a steel cage with a big mud pit in the center.
 Oh yes we had the injury to Enzo Amore at payback. I knew when I saw that one it was not going to be good. Fortunately he only had a concussion and will be back in the ring when he is cleared to wrestle. As far as the tag teams go we see the New Day going at it with Vaudevillians, which is a new tag team. It has a different twist to a time long ago and I hear names such as gotch as well as anderson. I think
they could be a good team if they go in the right direction. Now we also have the Dudly Boys involved with Enzo and Big Cass. You know You Can't Teach That
 I almost forgot in the women's division we have Charlotte with her dad Ric Flair involving himself in her matches every chance he gets. We just saw Brett The Hitman Hart out there with Natalya, but it was still one sided with the help of the Referee. I think this one is going to come down to no one at ringside
or maybe in a steel cage too. I guess we will just have to wait and see.    

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