Well WWE Fastlane Went Well For Some

 Yes Roman Reigns came out on top between Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose. Of course now we had Triple H attack Roman Reigns and break his nose pretty good. Kind of reminded me when John Cena broke his nose. I have heard that the surgery went well with Roman and he should be back in no time. So we should all keep him in our prayers.
 So now we have Dean Ambrose going up against the authority. Yes he confronted Triple H in the ring for the Heavy Weight Title. What did Triple H do, well he kind of blew him off as if he was nothing. Well we all know Dean and he called Triple H back to the ring and then got the beating of his life. Triple H through him around like a rag doll and then proceeded to pound on his face. Of course this was after Dean had just faced Alberto Delrio.
 So once again we have Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose all wanting a shot at the title. So far Roman Reigns is the only one getting a shot at the Heavy Weight Title with Triple H at Wrestlemania coming up. I just begin to wonder if it will end up a triple threat match to try and take away the chance that Roman Reigns could win. Even stranger will Bray Wyatt somehow through his hat into the ring and make it a four way dance and I use the term loosely.
 My advise is get the wwe network and pay $9.99 a month and watch wrestlemania  to find out what happens.

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