Royal Rumble Or Royal Cheating

  Just watched the Royal Rumble and for the most of it I liked the show. However I did not like the blatant cheating in the Royal Rumble Match. You had wrestlers outside the not in the match at the time beating up Roman Reigns. Then you have the wyatts who were out of the match back in dumping Brock Lesnar over the rope and to the floor. They count him out of the match, how is that possible when no one in the match itself threw him over the ropes.
  Then what happens Roman Reigns comes back and is doing great and then who is number 29 ? Oh of course Triple H and he ends up dumping Roman Reigns over the top to the floor. Dean Ambrose and Triple H battle it out only for Triple H to win. Now Triple H is the Heavyweight Champion, go figure.
  The only hope now is for Roman Reigns to get his rematch and beat Triple H at Wrestlemania. As far as I am concerned there is way too much cheating going on. What are we really trying to teach the younger kids watching the show. It just seems like every time we get a good champion in there the so called authority figures out a way to get what they want. What ever happened to the rules when wrestling was wrestling and had some honor. I guess those days are gone.
 The only real bright side to the Royal Rumble was the appearance of AJ Styles. The WWE Universe seems to agree with that as well.   

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