Roman Reigns Faces Everybody For His Heavyweight Belt

 I was watching Monday Night Raw and saw the match between Sheamus and Roman Reigns. You had Vince McMahon as the guest Referee. You knew as soon as that was announced by Mr McMahon  that it was going to be a one sided match. It was the most one sided piece of garbage I have ever watched. All they did was cheat Roman Reigns at every corner they could.
 Every time Roman had Sheamus down and clearly would have got the three count Mr McMahon would count like he was two hundred years old. There were so many times where he would basically ignore what was going on. It was just the biggest farce I have ever seen. It finally ended where Roman Super Punched Vince after taking all he could take.
 The out come was in favor of Roman thankfully. You had one of McMahon's crappy referees come down to continue the one sided nonsense that was still going on. Well the Referee got super man punched and was out. So now Roman finally took out Sheamus and a good referee comes down and counts the one, two, three and
Roman won the match.
 So now you have Sheamus and Mr McMahon hobbling away and Vince makes another one sided match for the up coming Battle Rumble on January 24th. Basically you have Roman Reigns against all the Royal Rumble participants. How fair is that ? Well I hope that Roman pulls it off makes McMahon eat crow. Like I said before they did this with John Cena, Daniel Bryan and basically anyone they do not want. Some day they will learn, but I hope it's not too late.

Thank You for reading from this Fan in the WWE Universe.

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