Whats New In The WWE In 2016

Well for the newest thing we have the Phenomenal AJ Styles now in the WWE. Okay so what do I think about that ? Well I think it's about time we got some new wrestling talent in the WWE. The only thing is they keep coming from TNA Impact. Of course some of them like the Dudley Boys have been here before, but that's not a bad thing as I have always enjoyed watching them wrestle.
 What I would like to see is some new talent from other areas come in. What I don't want to see is someone come in in and try and use the same or similar styles of current and past wrestlers. We
need to have some kind of new characters or have we just run out of creative ideas. To tell you the truth that is what it seems to me.
 Now what is going on in the women's division in the WWE ? Well we have Becky Lynch, which I enjoy watching her wrestle. We also have Sasha the Boss and then we have Charlotte Flair, which is Ric Flairs daughter. She started out pretty good, but now she is being a chip off the old block. In other words she is becoming the dirtiest female wrestler in the game. Yes Ric always seems to be at ringside and he is always causing some kind of interference. It seems to be to help his daughter win. In my opinion she does not need his help to win. She has all the talent necessary to keep the women's championship belt around her waist.
 Okay now on to the Roman Reigns saga. Yes this one just keeps on going, but it does keep us all interested with all the little twists and turns that keep being added. Yes Roman did not win the Royal Rumble and how could he with the deck stacked that high against him. So now we have a triple threat match coming up with Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose to see who will face Triple H at Wrestlemania this year. I personally think these three should team up together, form a new shield and destroy the authority once and for all, then give the authority to the WWE Universe and Wrestlers where it belongs.
 Oh yes we also have seen the Rock make a guest appearance on the show and may be at Wrestlemania.
Wouldn't that be as the Miz would say Awesome. Finally we have the Big Show back in the picture with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose feuding with the Wyatts. I kind of think they need another big team from somewhere with the Big Show to destroy the Wyatts and their Apocalypse.      

Royal Rumble Or Royal Cheating

  Just watched the Royal Rumble and for the most of it I liked the show. However I did not like the blatant cheating in the Royal Rumble Match. You had wrestlers outside the not in the match at the time beating up Roman Reigns. Then you have the wyatts who were out of the match back in dumping Brock Lesnar over the rope and to the floor. They count him out of the match, how is that possible when no one in the match itself threw him over the ropes.
  Then what happens Roman Reigns comes back and is doing great and then who is number 29 ? Oh of course Triple H and he ends up dumping Roman Reigns over the top to the floor. Dean Ambrose and Triple H battle it out only for Triple H to win. Now Triple H is the Heavyweight Champion, go figure.
  The only hope now is for Roman Reigns to get his rematch and beat Triple H at Wrestlemania. As far as I am concerned there is way too much cheating going on. What are we really trying to teach the younger kids watching the show. It just seems like every time we get a good champion in there the so called authority figures out a way to get what they want. What ever happened to the rules when wrestling was wrestling and had some honor. I guess those days are gone.
 The only real bright side to the Royal Rumble was the appearance of AJ Styles. The WWE Universe seems to agree with that as well.   

Roman Reigns Faces Everybody For His Heavyweight Belt

 I was watching Monday Night Raw and saw the match between Sheamus and Roman Reigns. You had Vince McMahon as the guest Referee. You knew as soon as that was announced by Mr McMahon  that it was going to be a one sided match. It was the most one sided piece of garbage I have ever watched. All they did was cheat Roman Reigns at every corner they could.
 Every time Roman had Sheamus down and clearly would have got the three count Mr McMahon would count like he was two hundred years old. There were so many times where he would basically ignore what was going on. It was just the biggest farce I have ever seen. It finally ended where Roman Super Punched Vince after taking all he could take.
 The out come was in favor of Roman thankfully. You had one of McMahon's crappy referees come down to continue the one sided nonsense that was still going on. Well the Referee got super man punched and was out. So now Roman finally took out Sheamus and a good referee comes down and counts the one, two, three and
Roman won the match.
 So now you have Sheamus and Mr McMahon hobbling away and Vince makes another one sided match for the up coming Battle Rumble on January 24th. Basically you have Roman Reigns against all the Royal Rumble participants. How fair is that ? Well I hope that Roman pulls it off makes McMahon eat crow. Like I said before they did this with John Cena, Daniel Bryan and basically anyone they do not want. Some day they will learn, but I hope it's not too late.

Thank You for reading from this Fan in the WWE Universe.

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