Crush Rusev Crush

               This was where it started with Enzo and Lana.
 I was watching the show the other night and Lana tempted Enzo Amore so much that he fell for the temptress. Well in one sense he sort of got what was coming to him. Yes you do not mess around with another mans wife. So I actually do feel bad for Rusev and I feel he was somewhat just in what he did to Enzo. I believe that Big Cass was trying to give his good friend some excellent advise, but Enzo did not listen.
 Now I do have to give Enzo some credit. When he was in the room with Lana he was trying to get out of a bad situation. If you saw it Lana just kept tempting him more and more until he gave in to temptation. Then who showed up, yes it was big angry Rusev. He threw Enzo around like a rag doll and beat him senseless. Then he dragged Enzo out the door and left him in the hallway for the maid to clean up.


Goldberg Defeated Brock Lesnar In 86 Seconds

All I have to say is it's about time that the WWE woke up and realized that they need a super hero for the fans in the wwe universe. I certainly would like to see more and more of the super hero type characters come about and clean up the darkness that seems to be over shadowing the wwe. I for one am tired of seeing the blatant cheating that goes on so a wrestler like the Miz can keep his championship belt. Exactly what are we trying to teach the young children.
 Now I don't necessarily mean that I want to see super heroes like in a cartoon. No I would like to see some very strong characters that fight for  what is right and good. I would absolutely love to see Braun Strowman
change his ways and follow the light instead of the buzzards. Okay yes there are some good decent characters out there such as Sami Zayn and Neville as well as others. I know that the show follows the good and the bad, but I think we have had enough of the bad. I do feel that it is time for a change.

What Will Happen At WWE Clash Of Champions Tonight

Below are the various matches that will be scheduled to take place.


1PAlicia Fox vs. Nia JaxSingles match
2T.J. Perkins (c) vs. Brian KendrickSingles match for the WWE Cruiser weight Championship
3The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, and/or Xavier Woods) (c) vs. Luke Gallows and Karl AndersonTag team match for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
4Charlotte (c) vs. Bayley vs. Sasha BanksTriple threat match for the WWE Raw Women's Championship
5Chris Jericho vs. Sami ZaynSingles match
6Rusev (c) (with Lana) vs. Roman ReignsSingles match for the WWE United States Championship
7Cesaro vs. SheamusSingles match; final match in a best of seven series
Series tied 3–3
8Kevin Owens (c) vs. Seth RollinsSingles match for the WWE Universal Championship
I do have mt favorites in the above wrestling matches. I personally would like to see Roman Reigns defeat Rusev and get his respect back from the WWE Universe. I have noticed lately ever since he wrestled for the Heavy Weight Championship the crowd has done some booing not in his favor.
 As far as Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens goes I would like to see a change in Seth and that he defeats Kevin Owens with no cheating. I think it's time that the shield gets back together all holding different championship belts. I think that would make Triple H's head spin. I still have a feeling that Stephanie McMahon knows what Triple H is up to, but that is just my feeling.
 I was kind of amazed to see Brian Kendrick back in the wrestling ring. I know he was doing some training as I saw with nxt and also training the lady in red Eva Marie. She seems to have some excuse every time she is supposed to be in the ring. All in all I hope it will be a good show.

RAW and Smackdown....Hmmmmmm

 I still am not sure whether I like the way the two shows are very separate.  For one to compete with the other they are creating new championship belts. The biggest problem I see is that it's always the same wrestlers competing for the belts. The only difference is more and more wrestlers filter in from TNA. I don't care one way or the other about it. I like AJ Styles, but not the way they are portraying him as sort of a heel.
 Now don't get me wrong I do like Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton and many others. I would just like to see some new talent and not from NXT. That too is where I am seeing some wrestlers from TNA filtering in. I will say one team I do like is Enzo Amore and Big Cass . I am pleased at hearing about the cruiser weight division and I hope to see it on one of the two shows. Maybe they can create a new WWE Wrestling Show and call it Cruiser Weight Thursday Nite Wrestling.

The WWE Shield At Each Others Throats

 Well I knew it would happen at some point in time. We have Dean
Ambrose as the Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns both trying to get the belt back from Dean Ambrose. Then we have a few others like John Cena and AJ Styles both fighting each other as well as wanting the championship. I have a feeling it will come down to the three from the shield fighting and then the other two picking the bones.
 Okay so what else is going on in the wwe lately. Oh yes I just heard that Brock Lesnar is coming back and so is Randy Orton. I see they will be fighting each other at Summer Slam. I have a feeling Randy will be going on a trip to suplex city and it won't be a good trip. I just hope he doesn't end right back up on the hurt recovery shelf.
 Okay back to Cena and Styles. Well AJ Styles took the low road and had help from the Club. Yes all leftovers from TNA Wrestling. Now it seems as though all they want to do is beat up on John Cena.
Jealously is sure running deep these days. For awhile no one was coming down to the ring to step up to John Cenas side. Well that changed the Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy have stepped in to make it three on three. Although they don't seem to care about Cena, but just want to put a stop to the club from doing whatever they please.
 I was watching the smackdown show and poor enzo almost had another bad fall. He through himself over the top rope to land on the club. Well one of his legs hit the top rope and he came right down to the mat outside the ring. It looked like the club tried to help break his fall. Fortunately he seemed to be okay and got right back into the fight. Will have to see how far this one goes. Personally I would like to see Kane and The Big Show step in to help John Cena.
 Okay on a final note I almost thought I was hearing things with the ringside announcers. I came in late and heard what sounded like Jerry Lawlers voice. When the cameras got there yes there was the King. Yes Jerry Lawler was right back where he belongs at ringside and that made this WWE Universe Fan
feel good.

Dean Ambrose Is The New WWE Heavy Weight Champion

Well Seth Rollins defeats Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose win Money In The Bank, comes down to the ring and smacks Seth Rollins with the briefcase. He cashes in the Money In The Bank, hits dirty deeds and pins Seth. Dean Ambrose did what he said he would do and is now the Heavy Weight Champion !!!!!

The King Jerry Lawler Is Off The WWE Show

 I just saw it on facebook that Jerry Lawler was involved in some domestic violence. Apparently at WWE there is a zero tolerance for domestic violence and I can understand that. It is certainly going to be very sad not to see Jerry Lawler at  ringside commentating anymore.

                   Jerry Lawler and Good Old Jr

Whats New With The WWE

 Okay so what is new in the WWE these days. Well we have Roman Reigns kicking the you know what out of AJ Styles. I notice that all of the sudden some of the fans are booing Roman Reigns as if he is a bad guy for defending his title. It was just a short time ago when everyone was cheering him. Oh yes the typical wwe universe as we all change with the times. I even felt myself as if I wasn't sure to be upset with Roman Reigns, but the I heard him say he is not the good guy, he is not the bad guy, he is just the guy. He is absolutely right, so cheer for who you like and realize he is doing whats right when you are the guy.
 Now on to other things happening in the WWE. Well lets see, oh yes we have Vince McMahon making both Stephanie and Shane in charge of Monday Night Raw. I can just see the rivalry building up between the two. They almost seem to be one upping each other at every turn. One comes out and ads something to the match and then the other comes out and ads their touch to the match. How long until the two of them have a match in a steel cage with a big mud pit in the center.
 Oh yes we had the injury to Enzo Amore at payback. I knew when I saw that one it was not going to be good. Fortunately he only had a concussion and will be back in the ring when he is cleared to wrestle. As far as the tag teams go we see the New Day going at it with Vaudevillians, which is a new tag team. It has a different twist to a time long ago and I hear names such as gotch as well as anderson. I think
they could be a good team if they go in the right direction. Now we also have the Dudly Boys involved with Enzo and Big Cass. You know You Can't Teach That
 I almost forgot in the women's division we have Charlotte with her dad Ric Flair involving himself in her matches every chance he gets. We just saw Brett The Hitman Hart out there with Natalya, but it was still one sided with the help of the Referee. I think this one is going to come down to no one at ringside
or maybe in a steel cage too. I guess we will just have to wait and see.    

Well Roman Reigns Has The Heavyweight Championship Belt Back

 Well it's been alot of ups and downs, but Roman Reigns Has The Heavyweight Belt back in his possession. Yes he pinned Triple H and ruined things for the authority. The question now is how long will he keep it and what dirty tricks does the authority have up their sleeves to take the title away from him again. I am sure they will come up with all kinds of matches in their favor to get their way.

Well WWE Fastlane Went Well For Some

 Yes Roman Reigns came out on top between Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose. Of course now we had Triple H attack Roman Reigns and break his nose pretty good. Kind of reminded me when John Cena broke his nose. I have heard that the surgery went well with Roman and he should be back in no time. So we should all keep him in our prayers.
 So now we have Dean Ambrose going up against the authority. Yes he confronted Triple H in the ring for the Heavy Weight Title. What did Triple H do, well he kind of blew him off as if he was nothing. Well we all know Dean and he called Triple H back to the ring and then got the beating of his life. Triple H through him around like a rag doll and then proceeded to pound on his face. Of course this was after Dean had just faced Alberto Delrio.
 So once again we have Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose all wanting a shot at the title. So far Roman Reigns is the only one getting a shot at the Heavy Weight Title with Triple H at Wrestlemania coming up. I just begin to wonder if it will end up a triple threat match to try and take away the chance that Roman Reigns could win. Even stranger will Bray Wyatt somehow through his hat into the ring and make it a four way dance and I use the term loosely.
 My advise is get the wwe network and pay $9.99 a month and watch wrestlemania  to find out what happens.

Sad News Daniel Bryan Retires

I just finished watching Monday Night Raw and watched Daniel Bryan's Retirement speech and I wish him all the luck. I have certainly enjoyed watching him wrestle.

                                    YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whats New In The WWE In 2016

Well for the newest thing we have the Phenomenal AJ Styles now in the WWE. Okay so what do I think about that ? Well I think it's about time we got some new wrestling talent in the WWE. The only thing is they keep coming from TNA Impact. Of course some of them like the Dudley Boys have been here before, but that's not a bad thing as I have always enjoyed watching them wrestle.
 What I would like to see is some new talent from other areas come in. What I don't want to see is someone come in in and try and use the same or similar styles of current and past wrestlers. We
need to have some kind of new characters or have we just run out of creative ideas. To tell you the truth that is what it seems to me.
 Now what is going on in the women's division in the WWE ? Well we have Becky Lynch, which I enjoy watching her wrestle. We also have Sasha the Boss and then we have Charlotte Flair, which is Ric Flairs daughter. She started out pretty good, but now she is being a chip off the old block. In other words she is becoming the dirtiest female wrestler in the game. Yes Ric always seems to be at ringside and he is always causing some kind of interference. It seems to be to help his daughter win. In my opinion she does not need his help to win. She has all the talent necessary to keep the women's championship belt around her waist.
 Okay now on to the Roman Reigns saga. Yes this one just keeps on going, but it does keep us all interested with all the little twists and turns that keep being added. Yes Roman did not win the Royal Rumble and how could he with the deck stacked that high against him. So now we have a triple threat match coming up with Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose to see who will face Triple H at Wrestlemania this year. I personally think these three should team up together, form a new shield and destroy the authority once and for all, then give the authority to the WWE Universe and Wrestlers where it belongs.
 Oh yes we also have seen the Rock make a guest appearance on the show and may be at Wrestlemania.
Wouldn't that be as the Miz would say Awesome. Finally we have the Big Show back in the picture with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose feuding with the Wyatts. I kind of think they need another big team from somewhere with the Big Show to destroy the Wyatts and their Apocalypse.      

Royal Rumble Or Royal Cheating

  Just watched the Royal Rumble and for the most of it I liked the show. However I did not like the blatant cheating in the Royal Rumble Match. You had wrestlers outside the not in the match at the time beating up Roman Reigns. Then you have the wyatts who were out of the match back in dumping Brock Lesnar over the rope and to the floor. They count him out of the match, how is that possible when no one in the match itself threw him over the ropes.
  Then what happens Roman Reigns comes back and is doing great and then who is number 29 ? Oh of course Triple H and he ends up dumping Roman Reigns over the top to the floor. Dean Ambrose and Triple H battle it out only for Triple H to win. Now Triple H is the Heavyweight Champion, go figure.
  The only hope now is for Roman Reigns to get his rematch and beat Triple H at Wrestlemania. As far as I am concerned there is way too much cheating going on. What are we really trying to teach the younger kids watching the show. It just seems like every time we get a good champion in there the so called authority figures out a way to get what they want. What ever happened to the rules when wrestling was wrestling and had some honor. I guess those days are gone.
 The only real bright side to the Royal Rumble was the appearance of AJ Styles. The WWE Universe seems to agree with that as well.   

Roman Reigns Faces Everybody For His Heavyweight Belt

 I was watching Monday Night Raw and saw the match between Sheamus and Roman Reigns. You had Vince McMahon as the guest Referee. You knew as soon as that was announced by Mr McMahon  that it was going to be a one sided match. It was the most one sided piece of garbage I have ever watched. All they did was cheat Roman Reigns at every corner they could.
 Every time Roman had Sheamus down and clearly would have got the three count Mr McMahon would count like he was two hundred years old. There were so many times where he would basically ignore what was going on. It was just the biggest farce I have ever seen. It finally ended where Roman Super Punched Vince after taking all he could take.
 The out come was in favor of Roman thankfully. You had one of McMahon's crappy referees come down to continue the one sided nonsense that was still going on. Well the Referee got super man punched and was out. So now Roman finally took out Sheamus and a good referee comes down and counts the one, two, three and
Roman won the match.
 So now you have Sheamus and Mr McMahon hobbling away and Vince makes another one sided match for the up coming Battle Rumble on January 24th. Basically you have Roman Reigns against all the Royal Rumble participants. How fair is that ? Well I hope that Roman pulls it off makes McMahon eat crow. Like I said before they did this with John Cena, Daniel Bryan and basically anyone they do not want. Some day they will learn, but I hope it's not too late.

Thank You for reading from this Fan in the WWE Universe.

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