Roman Reigns Is Having It Tough Due To The Authority

 As I watch WWE Monday Night Raw and Smackdown I keep seeing Roman Reigns getting the
short end of the stick. The next thing I see is the authority is not only punishing him, but anyone that sides with him. I sat back and thought about it and realized that this is pretty much the same thing that happened with John Cena and then Daniel Bryan. I think the only solution to this whole mess is for the entire roster to come together and say to the authority either this nonsense stops or we all sit down and let the WWE Universe just watch.
 Maybe better yet fill the ring with the WWE Universe and let them raise their voice. They can then express to the authority how they feel about how there is so much injustice going on. Is it getting so bad for the WWE that they can not come up with anything new. They seem to be playing the same roles,but with different characters. I think they either need to replace the writers or send them back to school. Better yet get them in the ring and lets see what they have.

Honestly I am getting tired of this bullying method that seems to be going on. What happened to the days of characters like Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior. It just seems like we have this bad bunch of characters that seem to control the show. Even the characters that come in from NXT seem to be copying other characters. I certainly hope things change or I have a feeling that WWE may become a thing of the past.
 I sometimes wonder if the authority should speak to the WWE Universe and have them come up with some new characters, plots and schemes.

 Thank You for reading from one in the WWE Universe. Happy Holidays !!!

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