Kane And The Undertaker Are Back

 I was watching Monday Night Raw last night and heard more about the unfortunate news that Seth Rollins had blown his knee out at a match in Dublin Ireland. So they had this big speech by Triple H about what happened. Well now they have the Heavyweight Belt vacant, because Seth won't be wrestling for quite awhile while he heals up. Okay so what happens to Roman Reigns. Well Triple H has him come to the ring for a load of nonsense.
 Basically what happens is Triple H tries to convince Roman that he can get the Title if he plays his cards right. You see the authority needs a new sap. So he pulls this garbage by saying if he become their man he can have all sorts of things. Well Roman is not their kind of man. No Roman is a real man, he follows the proper path to the top. He may have to fight his way back up, but at least he knows he did what's right. He also has all the fans standing behind him. I was truly impressed by what he chose and I stand behind him.
 Okay so later Bray Wyatt is out there giving his ridiculous eulogy for the Undertaker and Kane. He is trying to convince
everyone that their souls are now in him giving him strength. Well fortunately The Brothers Of Destruction have made their return. I wasn't sure at first what was going to happen, but the outcome was awesome. They basically destroyed the Wyatts and left Bray Wyatt stretched out in the ring on his back. I was kind of hoping they would have carried him away. I would love to see the Undertaker and Kane add a family member of their own just to even up the odds.

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