Who Is New In NXT And Who Is Coming Back To The WWE

 I hear James Storm is is coming to the NXT show. How long will it take to have Samoa Joe and James Storm on Raw or Smackdown. Is this going to be a bad thing or a good thing ? Well I think it would be nice to see some new faces on Raw and Smackdown. Maybe this will more help to take apart the Wyatt Family. Then on the other hand it could more added family, I am just not sure which it will be.
 The other new I am seeing is that they may be bringing Alberto DelRio back to the WWE. I never really liked him or hated him. He was just another character that added character to the show. I am wondering if Rey Mysterio will ever be back on RAW or is he done. So many different wrestlers have just faded into the background or left for other places. Every once in awhile when they show people behind the scenes or on the divas show I see some wrestlers that have been on the show every now and then. It's nice to see some old faces.
 Of course lately we have been watching the Dudley Boyz back on the scene in the ring. They have been sort of feuding with the New Days Team. The only problem with New Days is they need to get rid of that horn playing outside the ring. Plus I just can't figure out how three wrestlers are holding the Tag Team Championship Belts. Maybe we need a new title belt and call it the Tri USA Championship, maybe not.
 It's kind of funny, but all these wrestlers coming in from TNA were from the Eights and Aces group. Maybe this is going to be some kind of weird take over with Eric Bischoff behind the scene. All I can say is I hope not we have enough problems in the WWE unless they are going to rid us of the Authority.
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