Lana, Dolph And Rusev Oh My

 Okay so the new twist in the love triangle of Lana, Dolph Ziggler and Rusev is that according to TMZ Lana and Rusev are engaged. This was one twist that I did not expect. I guess you could say I was quite surprised to hear the news on Monday Night Raw . The last thing I saw was Summer proposing to Rusev and he responded with him marrying her only until she had Gold around his waist.
 Now I know I had seen many pictures with Lana and Rusev outside of the show hanging out in various places. Then they had them break up and Rusev seemed like he was going crazy with jealously. Next thing they brought Summer into the picture and she looked like the remake of Lana. Obviously Rusev could just not get Lana out of his mind. Maybe deep down he really loved her, but only realized it when she was gone. Maybe once she gets back on the show we will see a whole new Rusev.
 Okay but now back on Raw we have Summer bringing this whole thing about Rusev and Lana's engagement coming to light. She brings it right up in his face and as the the Rock would say she " Layeth The Smackdown on his Candy Ass " . He just stood their kind of bewildered and then go totally angry as she strutted away. Now the next show we have Summer kind of trying to be nice to Dolph, but he seems very Leary of this situation and leaves her in the ring.
 What is going to happen next ? Are we going to see some new female wrestler join in this weird love affair and comfort Dolph. Maybe the Big Show will Fall for Summer. I don't know really where this whole saga is going, so I guess we will just have to wait and see. 

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