First The Undertaker And Now Kane

 Okay what is going on with the Undertaker and Kane being taken away
by Bray Wyatt and his family. I watched Hell In A Cell when a beaten up Undertaker was beaten down by the Wyatts and then carried away. Then Bray talks on Monday Night Raw how he has taken the soul of the Undertaker. Then Kane comes down to the ring and is surrounded by the Wyatts. They enter the ring, beat down Kane and carry him away. I know they were saying that this was the Undertakers last match at Hell In A Cell, but I can't believe it's going to end this way.
 Personally I would like to see some family members of the the Undertaker and Kane show up. Maybe they could bring back the Undertaker and Kane from the grasp of the Wyatts. I certainly would like to see some group basically destroy the Wyatts and send them back to where they came from. I am kind of getting sick of Bray Wyatts talking sometimes like he is God and then other times he apparently thinks he is The Devil. Then other times he sounds like he is some crazy kind of televangelist.
 Who knows maybe stone cold could get Bray Wyatt alone and knock some sense into him. Maybe Sister Abagail could show up and kick the you know what out of Bray. It just seems that at some point there has to be a change in Bray Wyatt. They just might be able to bring him back from the dark side and bring him back to the light.

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