WWE Battleground 2015

  Just a quick note to anyone reading my blog. I did enjoy the Battleground Pay Per View on the WWE Network. The only issue I had with the show was that it kept freezing up and pausing intermittently. I also found if the freezing went too long the picture got very blurry. I shut the wwe network off and restarted it. To my amazement the blurriness went away, but it still intermittently kept freezing up. I have had this problem with this since day one. I have done some research on the internet and it seems as this has been an ongoing problem with customers since it began. I am wondering if there are so many fans watching that the servers are getting overloaded. I work on computers for a living and maybe they need to blow the dust out of them. In any event I did enjoy the show and am happy John Cena kept the title. I do think he needs a new pair of shorts due to his ripping on the inner right leg. I was also surprised to see the Undertaker at the end beat up on Brock Lesnar. Oh and remember to wake the Miz up from Big Shows Knock Out Punch. Finally wish a Get Well Soon to Ryback.
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