Brock Lesnar

In the WWE we have gone from everybody jumping on John Cena to Everybody Jumping on Brock Lesnar. It seems as though Seth Rollins is scared of Brock Lesnar. He has got the authority together to watch his back and secure his spot
as WWE Heavyweight Champion. I don't know about all the other fans, but this WWE Fan is getting sick and tired of all the cheating going on in the WWE. Every time I turn on WWE Monday Night RAW or Smackdown I see three members of the authority helping Seth

Rollins defeat his opponent. Exactly what message are we trying to send to the Young WWE Fans. I am sure they are seeing this and think cheating is okay as long as you don't get caught. In fact I think I have heard an announcer or two use that catch phrase.
  Among other things going on we still see Lana and Dolph Ziggler's relationship getting stronger and stronger. We saw Rusev and Summer Rae back in the ring spewing more of Rusevs' garbage about Lana. It's just funny, because the more he says about Lana, the more it show that he really loved her. He was just so full of himself that he never realized it. I have noticed that when he says various things Summer Rae gets a funny look on her face. The same goes when she is saying something he gets a funny look on his face. I just wonder how long this will go until she has enough of him and leaves too.

  Finally we have the feud going on with John Cena and Kevin Owen. All we have is Kevin Owen giving pop up power bombs to all the wrestlers. Maybe Bautista will come back and give Kevin Owen a nice power bomb. Then we have Sheamus running around with the money in the bank briefcase. I wonder who will cut his funny hairdo off and trim those cat fish whiskers off his face. Then we have the Bella Twins battling with Paige. Once again we have the various times of cheating with the Bella Twins and their so called Twin Magic. Sorry no Magic just another form of cheating to keep a title.
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