WWE Monday Night Raw

  I watched the show the other night and I saw John Cena basically giving Kevin Owens a talking to. He seemed to be trying to get his message to sink into Kevin Owens head. Kevin seemed almost to be jealous because his son is a John Cena fan. Now I can understand how it may make a father feel bad because his son is looking at another wrestler as his superstar and not his own father. I just hope that his son is not watching the show and listening to what he says about John Cena. As a father myself he should be a real wrestler and show a proper attitude and good sportsman ship. The
way he is going at it now is definitely going the wrong way. As far as John Cena goes, what you see is what you get. Everything he says or does on the show is what he stands for. I think sometimes fans boo him because they don't like the truth.

Okay so what else is happening on the show. Well we have Lana seeming to show that she cares more for Dolph Ziggler than she wants
to show. Now some of it could be a ploy to get back at Rusev or just to make him really miserable . That is certainly seeming to cause exactly that. Now he has hurt his ankle and it is giving him time to think about things. Hopefully he will really see things in the right way and the Grinch's heart will have a big change. Of course he came off as if he has lost a lot, but then the nasty Rusev comes out and he goes back to the same character. Who knows maybe someone will talk to him and say something that will really make him think.
  Well I was kind of disappointed that the Big Show wasn't in the Elimination Chamber. Now Mark
Henry was not a bad substitute by any means. I was rather pleased that Ryback won the Intercontinental Title. He certainly does deserve to wear the belt. But what did happen, yes the Big Show is back on the scene. He seems to be going after Ryback for the title. I'll tell you I was really impressed as to how Daniel Bryan has been handling things with the Intercontinental Championship. He is truly the kind of Champion Superstar that all of the fans need. We need to have more like him in the WWE.
  Well Thank You For Reading. 

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