Lana And Dolph


Well if you saw Monday Night Raw you would have seen Lana and Dolph finally admitting they have a budding relationship. As far as I am concerned I love it. I just hope we don't see another goofy wedding on the wrestling show. Every time they  do that there are always some kind of crazy stuff that goes on. I remember .
The Mach Man and Miss Elizabeth getting married. Next if I remember right it was Kane, Edge and Lita, Oh yes we had Edge and Vicki Guerreo. Then we had AJ and Daniel Bryan and then we had at one time Goldust and Aksana. If you would like to see these videos check out this link
  Okay so now the plot thickens as we have seen Rusev kind of agonizing over losing Lana. His stubborn pride will not let him show his true feelings for Lana. Now we have had a few short moments when Summer Rae has told Rusev that Lana is not worth it. Next on Monday Night Raw she comes out with Rusev as Dolph and Lana are talking about there new relationship. Of course
Rusev starts more garbage towards Lana and then Dolph steps in and stops Rusev. Now they are in a standoff and obviously this is leading to a fight coming down the road. What happens next is Summer Rae starts on Lana and then she slaps Lana across the face. Well Lana has had enough and starts kicking the you know what out of Summer Rae. Well Rusev and Summer Rain exit the ring and wait for another day. So does Summer Rae really like Rusev ? Well we all know she has been some what of a gold-digger with past wrestlers.
  I guess all we can do is sit back and enjoy the show. Personally I would like to see Rusev's Grinch Heart shrink and maybe he will change his tune. All I can say is stay tuned to the show and see what happens in the coming weeks. Maybe Summer Rae and Rusev become a real item.
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RIP Dusty Rhodes The American Dream

  I just came home from work and my daughter told me another wrestler passed away. She told me it was Dusty Rhodes. Dusty Rhodes has been one of my favorite wrestlers for many years. I know that the last time I saw him on the wwe show he did not look so good. It looked like he had lost a lot of weight. I read today that he was working on losing weight to bring his blood pressure down and apparently it was working. Now I read another article that he had fallen at his home and that his
kidneys were shutting down. I don't know for sure how much of that is fact. I do think we should all say a prayer for Dusty Rhodes and the entire Rhodes Family.
  Thank You for reading and Rest In Peace Dusty Rhodes "The American Dream" .

WWE Monday Night Raw

  I watched the show the other night and I saw John Cena basically giving Kevin Owens a talking to. He seemed to be trying to get his message to sink into Kevin Owens head. Kevin seemed almost to be jealous because his son is a John Cena fan. Now I can understand how it may make a father feel bad because his son is looking at another wrestler as his superstar and not his own father. I just hope that his son is not watching the show and listening to what he says about John Cena. As a father myself he should be a real wrestler and show a proper attitude and good sportsman ship. The
way he is going at it now is definitely going the wrong way. As far as John Cena goes, what you see is what you get. Everything he says or does on the show is what he stands for. I think sometimes fans boo him because they don't like the truth.

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