CENA vs RUSEV..... Did He Really Quit ?

  I was watching the Payback pay per view on the Network ( for only $9.99) . Sorry for the shameless plug. That match seemed to go back and forth. It was in the ring and it was outside the ring. I was not really impressed with what they were doing. Yes there were a few moves that were not too bad. I did think the throwing of Rusev on the fireworks display a little to unbelievable, not to mention just plain dangerous. Then at the end we have Rusev in John Cenas move with the ring rope across Rusev's face. Rusev starts yelling something in Bulgarian. Next thing Lana gets up, jumps in the ring and tells the referee Rusev says he quits.
  I have a feeling this may have been Lana's way of getting back at Rusev for the mistreatment she has been receiving. All because the fans are starting to like her and not paying attention to Rusev. I have heard people complaining that when Cena was passed out at the end they should have ended the match. Yes that's all we need is another cliffhanger to stretch the feud out to another pay per view. First of all it's an I quit match with the United States Championship at stake. We needed a winner and for Rusev to win the belt back he would have to make John Cena say I quit.
  Who knows maybe Rusev will set his sights on the Intercontinental Championship Belt. What would be nice is for Rusev to have a change of attitude and take on Brock Lesnar.
  Oh well Remember To Keep Daniel Bryan In All Our Prayers.
  Thank You For Reading From This Fan In The WWE Universe.  

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