United States Heavweight Champion John Cena

  Whether you like him or not John Cena is the United States Heavyweight Champion for the WWE. I myself am happy that John Cena beat Rusev. I was getting very tired of hearing the United States bashing from Rusev and Lana. We all knew that sooner or later someone would come along and give Rusev his first defeat in the WWE. Unfortunately for Rusev it happened at the biggest pay per view event of the year Wrestlemania. So once again Congratulations to John Cena the new United States Heavyweight Champion for the WWE.
  The next bit of sad news I heard was the recent announcement of the retiring of AJ Lee. I don't know for sure if AJ s leaving has anything to do with her husband CM Punk. I think most of us have heard from CM Punk how he was treated in the WWE. If it is I can understand how that would put pressure on AJ and CM Punks marriage. It may just be something as simple as AJ and CM Punk wanting to spend more time as husband and wife. I can definitely respect AJ for her decision on retiring. I am sure that all of us wish AJ a very happy life. Who knows one day she may be back.

The last bit of news I heard about involved a former WWE Champion. That is none other than Ray Mysterio. Yes during a match in Mexico he drop kicked Pedro Aguayo into the ropes before performing his move. Aguayo was thrown out of the ring just before that and may have sustained
some injury and when Rey Mysterio hit him he suffered a serious injury and was pronounced deceased later at the hospital. I say we all say a prayer for Rey Mysterio and the Aguayo family. It is just another example of how dangerous professional wrestling is and why we should leave it up to the professionals.
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