WWE WrestleMania 2015 Is Almost Here

WWE WrestleMania 2015
Yes it's just a few more weeks away for WrestleMania 2015. I have a feeling
it's going to be an excellent show this year for the WWE. That of course if The Authority led by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon don't pull any of their dirty tricks that they have been pulling since back in the WWE. It seems as though they are still doing everything they can to belittle John Cena and keep him out of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. We still see Rusev trying to avoid wrestling John Cena for the United States Title. I definitely feel that Rusev does not want to wrestle John Cena since he was defeating Rusev's accolade hold. I for one am tired of seeing the Russian Flag Drop from over the ring and also seeing President Putin up on the big screen. I have

 nothing against him, but what the WWE has been doing is down right pathetic. All they are doing is putting down America. I think it's time for a title change.
  Okay so what else is going in the WWE as of late. Well we see a rift growing between the Big Show and Kane. I have a feeling in the next few weeks this is going to boil over and maybe the Big Red Machine will return and Corporate Kane will be gone. This may lead to the Big Red Machine shutting up the Big Show in an awesome match at Wrestlemania. I would love to see a match in a steel cage with the two of them battling it out. Aside from these two we have we have Mr Perfects son  Curtis Axel  running around dressing and kind of imitating Hulk Hogan with his Axelmania. Maybe Hogan will come out and set him straight with a nice leg drop.
The war between the Rhodes Family is still going. Goldust is trying to help his brother Stardust break free from the twisted character he seems to be stuck in. Maybe we need the psychiatrist back that tried to straighten out Daniel Bryan and Kane way back when. Pretty soon I can see Dusty Rhodes getting more involved in this crazy mess. One of three things may happen, first Dusty gets knocked unconscious by Stardust, Second Dusty some how manages to change Cody Rhodes or Third He Joins them and becomes Moondust. Okay I am just kidding, I hope this gets straightened out and Cody Rhodes becomes the great wrestler we all know he is destined to be.
  The strange matches going on is between Daniel Bryan, Bad News Barret, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper with R-Truth sneaking in the back door. The only way this can go is a six way match between all of them for the Intercontinental Title. Maybe something different with a six
man lumber jack match. Between them I think I would like to see Daniel Bryan win the title and if not him then Dean Ambrose. Then we have the women battling it out with Paige and AJ Lee and the Bella Twins. Maybe with this one they could work out a four person tag team match. That way 8 female wrestler could be involved. In any event WWE Wrestlemania may end up being a awesome show. Oh one pair I left out is the Miz and Damian Sandow. All I have to say is Damian looks like he going to have enough of the Miz and maybe break the moneymaker face.
  Thank You for reading from a fan in the universe.  

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