WWE Royal Rumble Report

Yes I watched the Royal Rumble and for the most part I enjoyed the show. Now I know there is a lot of buzz going around the WWE Universe that people were not very happy with the results of the royal rumble. In fact I heard one fan had planted himself in his fan chair he bought right in front of Fandago's vehicle so he could not leave. Personally I think that is going a little too far. Now I see nothing wrong with giving your opinions on facebook, twitter or maybe even a blog. We all have a right to our opinions and free speech. But if you are doing something physically to any member of the WWE Roster or a WWE Fan on anyone who has a job in any way associated with the WWE, that is just plain wrong. To get Respect you must give Respect.

Roman Reigns in Lafayette  Now as far as the final result with Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble, I have no problems with that. I thoroughly enjoy watching Roman Reigns wrestle and I think he deserves a shot at the Heavy Weight Championship Title. Yes I felt bad when Daniel Bryan was knocked out of the ring and lost his shot at the title. But I feel that he had his time and it will come around as long as he keeps his head in the game. I did believe that Roman Reigns would end up winning the Royal Rumble just because of the way everything in the show was going. In other words the WWE Fans absolutely love him and that shows by his entrance through the crowd down to the ring. I have seen it one time where some kid stepped out and stopped him. What happened was Roman Reigns gave him a hug and I bet that memory lasts for a long long time.
Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman April 2014  So what were some of the other highlights of the Royal Rumble you may be asking. We did see the new tag team the Ascension wrestle the Road Dogg and Billy Gunn . The Team Ascension did defeat the New Age Outlaws and I figured that may happen due to the last time when all the wrestlers beat down them when all the previous champions were in the ring. The USOs did hold on to their Tag Team Championship Belts by defeating MIZ and MIZDOW. I see some falling apart in their team, with the WWE Universe taking a liking to Mizdow. The typical Miz is stealing the show for all the attention like a spoiled child. In the end though Mizdow (Damian Sandow) is becoming the fan favorite. I feel there is going to be a break up in this team in the coming future. Them we had the Bella Twins wrestling against the team of Paige and Natalya. It seems as though this team will not last with Paige declaring that the ring is her house.
John cena (19)  The one match that I thoroughly enjoyed was the triple threat match between John Cena, Set Rollins and The Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. Yes there was the usual interference with Seth Rollins two little helpers Jamie Noble and   Joey Mercury. This match was going all over the place. Each wrestler had his own moments where it looked like it could go any way. Hitting each other  on the steel stairs, going through the time keepers barrier wall as well as over the rope. The most awesome moment was when Seth Rollins jumped off the turnbuckle and on to Brock Lesnar while he was out of it on the announcers table. I though for a moment that this could have been one of those times when an unforeseen accident could have happened. As fate would have it Brock jumped in the ring at the last moment and gave his F5 to Seth Rollins keeping his Championship.
Seth Rollins holds Money in the Bank briefcase at a WWE house show in January 2015  So what will become of John Cena. Well I think that is going be a feud between Rusev and Cena. The two of them had a little shoving match at an interview. I did see what went on on Thursday Night Smackdown. Nothing on Monday Night Raw due to the Blizzard. To be honest I am not really sure what way this one is going to go. It just seems as though someone has to eventually pin Rusev in the ring. I guess we will just have to wait and see what comes of this.
  Thank You for reading from a Fan In The WWE Universe.

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