Whats New In The WWE Today

Things are changing little by little in the WWE today. We see the authority back to their old tricks. Making extremely unfair wrestling matches. The matches are always in favor of their wrestlers on the side of the authority. We do see some little feuds building up between Kane and The Big Show. I wonder if they are going to slowly change The Big Show back to the good side, instead of being on the authorities side. It seems like they are constantly against John Cena. I know there are many WWE Fans that do not care for John Cena. Well as for me I am a 

WWE Fan of John Cena. I believe he stands for everything that is right and should be the way the WWE should go. I see lately they have John Cena and Rusev going back and forth for the US Title. In fact at Fastlane I believe John Cena was powering out of Rusev's Accolade until Lana entered the ring and caused the referee to miss Rusev giving John Cena a low blow. That only tells me he was worried about losing to John Cena, so he took the cheaters way out to win and keep the title.
The other strange and weird family feud is with the Rhodes Family. It seems as though Cody Rhodes (Stardust) has been consumed by his character. This is now interfering in his family life. In fact on the past couple of shows we saw The American Dream Dusty Rhodes try and talk to Cody, but did not really get anywhere. Dustin Rhodes (Goldust) tried to knock some sense into him and bring Cody Rhodes back to reality. The WWE Fans were all chanting Cody Cody and you could tell it was like it was tearing him apart inside. I can tell you looking at Dusty Rhodes it is really hurting him inside. I think it's time to try and get Cody some professional help and get the real Cody Rhodes back.
Okay so what else is going on in the WWE Today. Well we have Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan and  Ryback all fighting the Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Authority. The problem is the matches are once again the typical one sided match with the help of Seth Rollins two security helpers. There are a few other feuds brewing with The USO's and Tyson Kidd with Cesaro. One of the other feud breakups brewing is with The Miz and Sandow. I am wondering how long it will take Sandow to finally blow up on the Miz and take back his freedom. Hopefully John Cena will give Rusev his first loss and John Cena will win the US Title at Wrestlemania 2015 that is not too far away.
  Thank You For Reading From Another WWE Fan In The Universe.  

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