Whats New In The WWE Today

Things are changing little by little in the WWE today. We see the authority back to their old tricks. Making extremely unfair wrestling matches. The matches are always in favor of their wrestlers on the side of the authority. We do see some little feuds building up between Kane and The Big Show. I wonder if they are going to slowly change The Big Show back to the good side, instead of being on the authorities side. It seems like they are constantly against John Cena. I know there are many WWE Fans that do not care for John Cena. Well as for me I am a 

WWE Royal Rumble Report

Yes I watched the Royal Rumble and for the most part I enjoyed the show. Now I know there is a lot of buzz going around the WWE Universe that people were not very happy with the results of the royal rumble. In fact I heard one fan had planted himself in his fan chair he bought right in front of Fandago's vehicle so he could not leave. Personally I think that is going a little too far. Now I see nothing wrong with giving your opinions on facebook, twitter or maybe even a blog. We all have a right to our opinions and free speech. But if you are doing something physically to any member of the WWE Roster or a WWE Fan on anyone who has a job in any way associated with the WWE, that is just plain wrong. To get Respect you must give Respect.

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