WWE John Cena and Seth Rollins

I am watching Monday Night Raw and just watched the most pathetic Lumberjack match I have ever seen. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon put John Cena and Seth Rollins in a Lumberjack Match. This was set up so if John Cena wins Ryback, Dolph Ziggler and Erik Rowans gets their jobs. As

usual you can figure that the Authority has some trickery up their sleeves. So what do they do they
have mostly all Lumberjacks from the Authority. Really fair isn't it.....NOT !!!!!! . All during the match you have John Cena being pulled out of the ring and beaten by the Lumberjacks. Then the match ends with the Big Show pulling John Cena out and giving him the knockout punch. They then put Cena back in the ring so Seth Rollins can pin him.
  This the typical unfair and unjust treatment that no wrestler deserves. There definitely needs to be some new Law and Order brought back into the WWE. I will say it again, we need the Main Event Mafia or some NEW AUTHORITY. How much of this garbage are we supposed to be putting up with in the WWE. In all the years I have been watching wrestling I have never seen this kind of treatment. Maybe we can't have the Main Event Mafia due to it being in TNA Wrestling, but maybe we can have a new Justice in the WWE. My line up would be Sting, Stone Cold, The Rock, The Dudleys and Kurt Angle. Yes there could be a few more great names added to that list.
  I am sorry but I just had to vent.
  Thank You for reading.  

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