Watched TNA Impact Wrestling Last Night

I was watching the TNA Impact Wrestling show last night and the
wrestlers all seem the same. The only difference is that they seem to have done some roll reversals. In other words the one that were somewhat the bad guys are now sort of the good guys. The wrestlers that were the good guys are now kind of the bad guys. It really make it hard as a fan to know who to cheer for. I did see some familiar faces from the WWE show. Of course on this show they may be using a different name, but still the same character.
  I see that Bobby Lashley is the TNA Heavyweight Champion and he seems to be following a good character roll. Now I see Eric Young joining forces with MVP, Samoa Joe, Low Ki  and Kenny King. I watched them as they beat up on Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode and then Austin Aries. The interesting part is that they can not face them all at

the same time. They basically had to beat them down one at a time. I have a feeling a group will have to form to take them all on at the same time. It almost is reminding me of the main event mafia taking on the aces and eights.
  The next strange group I saw was with James Storm. At first I wasn't even sure it was Storm. He is portraying a very strange character. It almost seemed to have some kind of evilness to him. He is apparently the leader of this group called the revolution. It does not sound like anything new as characters and groups always change. He has apparently done some brain washing to Sanada, who was trained by the Great Muta. Now as I understand it they took Manik from the ring last week. Now last night he introduced a new character from India called Khoya. This seemed to be one strange and dark character that I have never heard of. Of course it was kind of dark, so I could not get a good look at his face to see if he was a different character at some point.
Finally you had the Hardy Boys wrestling the Wolves and Some of Revolution as I remember. Yes Matt and Jeff Hardy were doing the same incredible moves that have made them famous. Then you had the female knockout wrestlers doing their thing. Yes they were diving it their all and do an awesome job. The one person I was impressed to see was Awesome Kong. She is one of those wrestlers that have made an impression on me since I saw her in WWE. She was gone for awhile due to personal reasons, but is back and I think going all the way to the top.
  Thank You for reading.

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