Watched TNA Impact Wrestling Last Night

I was watching the TNA Impact Wrestling show last night and the
wrestlers all seem the same. The only difference is that they seem to have done some roll reversals. In other words the one that were somewhat the bad guys are now sort of the good guys. The wrestlers that were the good guys are now kind of the bad guys. It really make it hard as a fan to know who to cheer for. I did see some familiar faces from the WWE show. Of course on this show they may be using a different name, but still the same character.
  I see that Bobby Lashley is the TNA Heavyweight Champion and he seems to be following a good character roll. Now I see Eric Young joining forces with MVP, Samoa Joe, Low Ki  and Kenny King. I watched them as they beat up on Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode and then Austin Aries. The interesting part is that they can not face them all at

WWE John Cena and Seth Rollins

I am watching Monday Night Raw and just watched the most pathetic Lumberjack match I have ever seen. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon put John Cena and Seth Rollins in a Lumberjack Match. This was set up so if John Cena wins Ryback, Dolph Ziggler and Erik Rowans gets their jobs. As

WWE Wrestling The Authority Is Back....YOU'RE FIRED

Yes John Cena was forced to bring the authority back. So what is going on in the WWE now. Well all I can say is it the same old garbage that was going on back before the authority was gone. It seems to me that all it was, was just a break for Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to go on Christmas Vacation. It was just ridiculous how they come back right at New Years. Now we have all the wrestlers going through the same antics by the authority again. It is as if we took a giant step forward and now we have gone two steps back.

Yes they are coming down hard on John Cena. Not by beating him up physically. No they are beating him up psychologically. They did this by belittling him in the ring in front of the WWE Universe and in front of his peers. Then what do they do, they fire Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan and Ryback. Is this justice, no it is just more of the authority abusing their power. Personally I would like to see all the wrestlers come together and take the entire authority in a hell in a cell match or just a good steel cage match.
  So what does the future hold for the WWE. Well if things keep going the way they are I see a dieing wrestling show. Maybe we will see the return of Sting and maybe he will fight the authority. Maybe he could bring some old friends into the WWE like the Main Event Mafia. Now there is a thought, like the old days with D-Generation X. Fight fire with fire and change the scene and make things right.
  Thank You for reading.

The Battle Between The Big Show And Roman Reigns In The WWE Is Going Strong

Roman Reigns April 2014
Roman Reigns November 2013Big Show April 2014  Yes the battle between Roman Reigns and The Big Show is growing stronger every time I watch Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown. It seems that every time they come close to one another one of two things happen. Roman Reigns either gets choke slammed by the Big Show or The Big Show gets Superman punched in the face by Roman Reigns. The other part of the battle is what happens at the end. First it was The Big Show throwing Roman Reigns over the announcers table and then he dumps the announcers table on top of him. Well last night on Friday Night Smackdown it went the other way and the Big Show went over the announcers table. Then Roman Reigns dumped the announcers table on top of The Big Show. You could see a little of The Big Shows face through the hole in the bottom of the table.

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