So What Is Going On In The WWE Now

Daniel Bryan
  Now that the WWE Authority is gone we see various wrestlers standing up directing traffic. In other words they are setting up various matches. I do see that it seems as though they are giving team authority a taste of their own medicine. I have seen Daniel Bryan out there making various matches between wrestlers. Mainly between the members of team cena and team authority. I have to ask myself is this a good thing or is this a bad thing. Well honestly I don't think it is a good or bad thing. I think it is becoming a stagnant thing. In other words it seems as though they are not bringing out any new wrestlers. Outside of the authority who are the main wrestlers. Well we

have Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt battling it out with Tables, Ladders and Chairs with the addition of stairs. In fact they keep having matches involving these items to build up the show for the next pay per view which happens to be Table, Ladders and Chairs.
30 - Santino Marella  What the show really needs are two things. One lets find some new and upcoming talent to bring on the show. Also lets get some of those other wrestlers that we don't see and have them in some awesome matches. I don't think CM Punk is going to be around for awhile due to injuries and other problems if you know what I mean. I mean how much of Adam Rose wrestling with the Bunny can we take. Then we have the really strange team of Stardust alias Cody Rhodes and Goldust alias Dustin Rhodes. I really think Cody Rhodes is taking the character off the deep end. Then we see AJ Lee wrestling one of the Bella Twins or Page. I just wish they would find some new female wrestlers to bring on the show. The roster seems to be getting worn out.
Mick Foley (2)  I feel that the WWE needs to get back to some real wrestling and not the cartoon character wrestling that seems to be going on. Now I don't mean the jumping off of really high places or lighting people on fire stuff. All though I do have to say that I really do like Mick Foley and Jeff Hardy for the wrestling they provided at the time. But what we need is some really good wrestlers and not all the glamor and glitz that seems to be going on. There were wrestlers back in the 60s and 70s that make these guys look like girl scouts, no pun intended. I am not saying that I don't like the wrestlers of today I think they are awesome. Where is my stunt double ha ha, Damion Sandow. He went from some brainy character to a copycat stunt double for the Miz.
Miz and Mizdow  Well I hope Vince McMahon sits down and comes up with some new Wrestlers without the comedy routines. Maybe we as the WWE Universe can come up with some good suggestions. Maybe if someone knows of some new wrestling talent we can get them on the show.
  Thank You for reading from one in the WWE Universe.

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