Finally Roman Reigns Is Back In The WWE Since Being Out For Hernia Surgery

Roman Reigns in Lafayette  Yes Roman Reigns is back in the WWE and wrestling. He had as you probably know was out with severe hernia surgery. He has apparently healed up and is back in the ring. He has lately been feuding with the Big Show. He had knocked the big show off the ring apron with his Superman Punch. He wrestled the big show again and then last night on Friday Night Smackdown he teamed up with Dolph Ziggler to wrestle the Big Show and Seth Rollins. It did end with Reigns Spearing Seth Rollins for the one two three count. So far Roman Reigns has been doing very well with his Superman Punch. It seems to have rattled the Big Show quite nicely. Knowing the Big Show I am sure he will get his revenge.
  I think it is only a matter of time until we see Roman Reigns with a Championship Title around his waist. I myself do believe that he definitely deserves it. He is one of those WWE Stars that has the WWE Universe on his side. Every time I see his do one of his signature moves I cringe with fear that he will re-injure himself. Every time I see the Big Show do a splash off the turn buckle I feel that this could be a disaster for Roman Reigns.

Never the less he gets back up and comes back for more. You can see the confidence he has in himself every time he climbs through the ropes and gives that smile. In fact he did just that on Friday Night Smackdown. He came down through the audience with all the people giving him pats on the back or arms. He hopped the ring barrier and climbed through the ropes and once in the ring he gave that smile to the Big Show and let him know he would Superman Punch him again.
  So the question is will he have some championship match and how long will it take. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long. Like I said before I am looking forward to that match. On a secondary note one other person that I can't wait to step back into action in the ring is Daniel Bryan. He is definitely another star that deserves to be champion. Especially with no authority holding him back at every move, maybe now he can have a fair chance. Oh and one other wrestler that comes to mind that I would like to see back is CM Punk. Yes I have read some things through the grape vine about things with Vince McMahon and what CM Punk was going through. Who knows maybe we will see him return to the WWE at some time in the future.
  Well That is all for now so thank you for reading from one in the WWE Universe.

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