WWE Survivor Series Is Getting Closer And The Sides Are Growing

Rollins, McMahon, HHH NoC14John Cena 2012  Well WWE Survivor Series is getting closer and closer. In fact WWE Survivor Series pay per view is coming up on November 23rd. The sides are building between the authority and team cena. On the authority side we see Kane, Seth Rollins, Rusev, Mark Henry and it looked like they were getting Mr Feed Me More, Ryback. Well that was very short as far as him being on team authority. While he was warming up or whatever he was doing someone from team authority were coming and saying different things to him. Well Ryback is his own man and I figured he would take only so much of that. Yes I was right he basically let it go and started taking team authority apart after they were all beating on John Cena.
The Authority plus Kane and Randy Orton
 I do not know whether he will join team cena or not. All I know is cena applauded Ryback as he walked away. He did look back at the ring, but who knows what he is thinking. Then we have a few more added to team cena. John Cena already had Dolph Ziggler on his team. So who joined none other than the Big Show and then Sheamus. So the next question is who will be Team Cenas fifth member. Will it be Ryback, Dean Ambrose or someone know one is thinking of. I wonder if Randy Orton will be the fifth wrestler due to his recent problems with the authority.  So far we see wrestlers on each team that seem to be feuding with each other.
Luke Harper in April 2014Ryback (cropped)  Then out of the blue who wants to join Team Authority. Well none other than Luke Harper from the Wyatt family. Stephanie and Triple H looked sort of puzzled and bewildered when he came up to them at the end of Monday Night Raw and wanted to join. So do you think he will make a good team member as you may be asking yourself. I myself think yes he will, but who has he been feuding with. My other question is how will Mark Henry and Rusev get along, due to them fighting each other . They said that apparently Jack Swagger was on Team Cena, but he is apparently on the hurt list.
Adam Rose Entrance 19 May 2014
I don't think the Bunny will catch Adam Rose now
  Well I don't think Dean Ambrose will be on Team Cena, because he is on another card fighting it out with Bray Wyatt. I have a feeling it will be Ryback joining Team Cena for two reasons. One he will not be being told what to do and the second reason is I think he listened to the WWE Fans response. There are also other matches with Niki Bella and AJ Lee and maybe interference from Paige. It also looks like Adam Rose will be taking on the Bunny. I don't know what it was but Adam Rose looked like Alice Cooper. Maybe will see exactly who is in the Bunny suit. Also we may be seeing Gold Dust and Star Dust against The Miz and his stunt double Mizdow Damian Sandow.
  Well I guess we will have to wait and see if the Authority Is Finally Taken Apart. I think it's about time for a change.
  Thank You for reading from one of the WWE Universe Fans.

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