Big Show and Mark Henry Are Feuding

Big Show cropped  Mark Henry tried to defeat the big Russian Rusev, but could not get the job done. Then the Big Show stepped in and tried to take on the big Russian Rusev. I thought at one point when the military person entered the ring to stop Rusev from tearing down the American Flag this would give the Big Show the push he needed to defeat Rusev. But unfortunately his task fell short and he could not defeat Rusev.
Mark-Henry-WHC  Well now a rift has happened between the Big Show and Mark Henry. I have a feeling it happened, because Mark Henry could not beat Rusev. Then the Big Show stepped into the picture and made Mark Henry feel like he totally failed. I don't think the Big Show intended to make Mark Henry feel this way, but unfortunately that was the effect that happened. Mark had come down to the ring during their match and seemed to be enjoying the fact that the Big Show was losing. You could see him sitting against the wall around the ring with a smile on his face.
Sheamus as WWE Champion  Then The Big Show and Mark Henry had their tag team match for the Tag Team Titles. I thought that the two of them would have made a powerful tag team that would have been hard to beat. Well as fate would have it the Big Show sort a tapped Mark Henry a few times coming into the match or going out and that's when the trouble started. You could see an argument start between the two. Then Mark Henry picked up the Big Show and gave him the worlds strongest slam a number of times. He just felt that he had enough with the Big Show. So now we have the two wrestling each other back and forth. This may come to a head at the Survivor Series pay per view coming up Sunday November 23rd.
Lana & Rusev cropped  As far as Rusev goes he has a new challenge ahead of him. Apparently he is having a new feud with Sheamus. Sheamus is not from America, but he holds the United States Championship Belt and is proud of it. He came down to the ring the other night at Monday Night Raw and almost Brough Kicked Rusev, but he made it out of the ring. The question is will Sheamus defeat Rusev. I think he has a good chance at it. As long as he does not go outside the ring with Rusev and keeps beating on him in the ring, I think he could defeat Rusev. Sooner or Later someone will beat Rusev, because it's only a matter of time.
  Well Thank You for reading and Have A Nice Day.

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