TNA Wrestling Means Tag Teams

The American Wolves TNA Tag Team Champions Aug 2014  TNA Wrestling seems to be in the lead for Tag Team Wrestling. There are various tag teams on the other shows that are fairly popular. It just seems as though TNA is promoting more on tag teams. For awhile it was sort of every man for himself when we had Aces and Eights back a few months ago. You also had the change in Bobby Roode and also the change in The Cowboy James Storm in his controlling of Sanada. This was where they showed the ultimate in horrible respect to The Great Muta.      
The Hardy Boyz  Then we had the appearance of the Wolves in the ring. They were bringing the high flying moves of some of the great wrestlers like the Hardy Boys. They do an excellent job of keeping the action in the ring at a non stop pace, which keeps the fans on their feet. At the present time we have seen the return of a couple of tag teams from the past. One of those teams is the reuniting of the Hard Boys. Yes Matt and Jeff Hard are back together fighting to get the tag championship. The second team to enter this race for the Tag Team Championship is non other than the Dudley Boyz Team 3D. Yes Bubba Ray and Devon Dudly are back together. All three of these tag teams are competing for the title.
Team3D  The only thing with the two older tag teams is that they don't really have any new moves. That's not to say that I don't like the Dudley Death Drop of Team 3D or the High Flying Maneuvers of Matt and Jeff Hardy. Actually Matt Hardy is more grounded and Jeff does all the high flying off the turnbuckles. Of course there are a few other Tag Teams that are battling it out on a more personal level. This would be non other that Aries with Tajiri going to battle with James Storm and Sanada. I did notice that Sanada has changed his appearance slightly. Mainly it is his hair color and he is wearing face paint. I think he is trying to take over for the Great Muta. I don't think he will replace the Great Muta. I do think if he ever gets back to his normal self he will be a champion again. Without the help of James Storm.

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