The Big Show Knocked Out The Russian Rusev

Big Show cropped  Yes on Friday Night Smackdown the Big Show knocked out Rusev with one punch. One Big Pop and OUT GO THE LIGHTS !!!!!
  It's about time that someone put Rusev in his place. He generally goes around defeating everyone in his path. Maybe one of these days he will end up in the ring with Brock Lesnar. I think that would make an excellent match. I still have hopes that Rusev will change his ways and accept the USA !!!!

Alexander Rousev Clutch

  I guess we will just have to watch this feud to see where it goes. We did see Mark Henry stand up to Rusev. He did a pretty good job, but when his back met the steel post outside the ring he just could not keep up. When your in that weakened state it is pretty hard to get the job done. I do believe that even with Mark Henry's losses lately, we will see him bounce back. Why do I say that you might be asking well.....BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT HE DOES !!!!

  Well That's all for now so Thank You for reading.

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