The Big Show Knocked Out Rusev Again

Lana & Rusev cropped
Mark-Henry-WHCBig Show April 2014  I was watching Monday Night Raw last night and I saw the wrestling match between the Big Show and The Russian Rusev. In the beginning of the match the big show was pummeling Rusev all over the ring. It looked at first like he was going to be the dominant force in the match until Rusev pulled off and amazing drop kick. This brought the Big Show down on the mat. Once Rusev saw this you could see it in his eyes that now he had an opening.
  With an opening Rusev started working over the Big Show. He was doing his stomping right on the big shows spine. He was constantly weakening the Big Show more and more. At one point the Big Show fell out of the ring.You could see that his back was getting weaker with every move. Rusev was putting the choke hold around the Big Shows neck and under his arm. A couple of times the Big Show placed a few hits to Rusev's rib cage area. This slowed him down a few times. Then the Big Show twice went to the top rope only to find Rusev moving out of the way. This just had the Big Show crashing onto the mat. That is a lot of weight coming down causing more damage to the Big Show.
Alexander Rousev Clutch
  Now it came down to Rusev stomping on Big Shows spine again and then putting the Big Show in his move. Yes the deadly Accolade bending the back and the neck. It seems to be the same move the Iron Sheik used years ago. I believe it was called the camel clutch. It seemed as though the Big Show might have been extremely weakened and might be on his way to losing.
  Just then we see Mark Henry coming down to the ring. At first he was giving support to the Big Show. He was smacking the ring apron and yelling to the Big Show. Well I guess he had seen enough and feared for his friend the Big Show. He jumped into the ring and knocked Rusev off the Big Show and out of the ring. Rusev got up and was declared the winner by disqualification by the referee due to the interference by Mark Henry. At first I thought Mark Henry and the Big Show were going to have an argument, but fortunately the Big Show realized he only did it ,because he is his friend.
The Rock con el campeonato de la Campeón de la WWE
Maybe The Rock Will Take Out Rusev
  The next thing you know Lana and Rusev were gloating out in front of the announcers table. The Big Shown and Mark Henry climbed out of different sides of the ring. They proceeded to put Rusev in their cross hairs. Basically you could say Rusev was caught in the crossfire. Rusev knew he was in trouble with nowhere to go. He attacked Mark Henry first getting in some blows. He turned to the Big Show only to meet his knock out punch. He went down on the mat like a ton of bricks. The Big Show and Mark Henry looked at Rusev for a few moments. Then they walked away like two good friends. An excellent ending to another good Monday Night Raw. I guess we will have to see where this goes. Maybe the Rock will finally take out Rusev or maybe Brock Lesnar.
  Well Thank You for reading from one in the WWE Universe.

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