What Is Going On With The Bella Twins In The WWE

The Bella Twins WMXXX
    What is going on with Nikki and Brie the Bella Twins. They have stuck together and worked very well as a tag team. They were performing their twin magic as they did there little switcharoo under the wrestling ring to end up winning the match. They would also do the switch with the fresh Bella to win the match. Through all the different show such as the Divas show they seemed to be very close. What I did notice is that as the Total Diva show progressed and Brie was going to marry Daniel Bryan things started to change. It almost seemed as though Nikki was getting a little jealous of her sister and her up coming marriage. From what I saw Brie just wanted her involved in her wedding, because she is her sister. There were a couple of rough spots as the wedding grew closer, but it seemed as things smoothed out.
Brie and nikki bella  The wedding had come and gone and everything was moving quite nicely until recently. Brie and Stephanie McMahon had gotten in to their feud resulting in Brie quitting. This seemed to be due to Triple H and Stephanie putting the pressure on Brie, because of her husband Daniel Bryan. Unfortunately Daniel Bryan was hurt with a neck injury due to his fight with Kane. This put him out of commission and it seemed as though Stephanie McMahon kept riding Brie until she slapped Stephanie in the face and quit.
  Since Brie was gone Stephanie put Nikki Bella in a number of matches that were extremely unfair. Nikki was constantly getting the you know what beat out of her. Brie did show up at the one match as a fan with a ticket and Stephanie came down to the ring just to taunt her some more. This resulted in Stephanie slapping Brie in the face. This is a no no, because no one on the show can ever touch a fan. Stephanie was arrested and ended up going off to jail. As they say turn around is fair play and Stephanie got Brie back in the ring to supposedly try and straighten things out. It ended up with Brie getting her job back and having a match with Stephanie. Then Stephanie comes out and tells Brie she is not wrestling her until summerslam. Stephanie brings out supposedly Daniel Bryan s  physical therapist who says she has been having an affair. Brie slaps her and the next thing Brie goes off to jail.

Brie Bella Stephanie McMahon Brie is out of jail and finally we end up at summerslam with Stephanie and Brie. The battle continues as Triple H comes down to the ring and pulls the referee out. Brie is winning up until this interference happens. Nikki comes running down to the ring and it looks like the twins are back. Well things are not always as they seem. Nikki pushes Stephanie out of the way and smacks her sister Brie, then Stephanie give Brie the Triple H Pedigree. Nikki helps Stephanie up and it looks to me like the authority has been talking to Nikki. Just another plot to cause more trouble in the long run with Daniel Bryan.
Nikki Bella's rack at WM30  Since then they have had a number of altercations with the two Bella Twins arguing and fighting in the ring. It seems as though they are making it look like Brie has always been the center of attention. They have even brought their brother into the mess. It is the usual as one sister has the upper hand and then the next week the other sister has the upper hand. You had one instance when Nikki wanted Brie to quit and she had enough of her sister. She pushed Nikki and she ended up knocking paige down. The last time on Monday Night Raw the two Bella sisters got in a huge mess knocking poor Jerry Springer down with Stephanie falling on him. You even had Jerry the King Lawler trying to separate them with a number of officials. I though the poor Jerry Lawler might have another heart attack.
The Authority in April 2014  I have a feeling that this big family fight may end up at one of the next big pay per views. I just have this feeling that this is all a big twisted plot with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon pulling all the strings as the puppet master. I am hoping that somewhere down the line that the two Bella Twins work out there problems and everything will come back to normal. Maybe John Cena will come around and end up proposing to Nikki Bella and pop the question. Maybe this will put Nikki in the center of attention and change the hearts and minds of all. I guess all we can do as the WWE Universe is sit back, enjoy the show and see where it all goes.
  Thank You for reading and have a nice day as Mick Foley would say.


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