WWE Night Of Champions 2014

  Picked up WWE Network for $9.99 a month a few weeks ago and I am looking forward to seeing Night Of Champions tonight September 21st.  Sorry for the shameless plug.  This will be the first pay per view I have watched form my living room in a long time.  I did hear the bad new that Roman Reigns had to have emergency surgery for an incarcerated hernia. I did hear that the surgery went okay and he is doing good. It will take awhile to heal up, but he will be back. So everybody out there say a prayer for him.

              Brock Lesnar vs John Cena Night of Champions 2014 WWE 2K14 Predictions
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AJ Lee WWE Divas ChampBellas-T4 I am looking forward to seeing what happens with John Cena and Brock Lesnar. I am hoping that John Cena will take back the Championship and send a message of change for Brock Lesnar. Who knows maybe Brock Lesnar will turn on Paul Heyman and no longer be a heyman guy. I think that would make my day. Maybe CM Punk could come back in the picture and team up with Lesnar against Paul Heyman. Better yet after John Cena gets done with Brock Lesnar, we will see the return of the Deadman the Undertaker. This would be just perfect for the coming Halloween season. You know it's almost October.
Paige Wins WWE Divas Championship  The other matches I am looking forward to are The Miz and Dolph Ziggler. I would love to see Dolph Ziggler win the match and hold on to the Intercontinental Championship. This one has been going back and forth with their stand ins on both sides. Then we have the three way match with Paige, Nikki Bella and Aj Lee. I have an awful feeling that there will be some kind of interference. Although it may be a good thing. I wonder if Brie Bella will come down to the ring and draw Nikki Bella away. This will just leave Paige and AJ Lee to see which one owns the house.
Lana & Rusev cropped  Now we have Mark Henry and Rusev battling it out. I would love to see Rusev wake up and realize he is being controlled by the blonde witch Lana. It would be awesome to see a legend like Nikoli Volkoff come down to the ring and say something to Rusev that changes his mind and ways. I think we need a new Russian Good Guy in the house to take out some of the trash. Then another match with Sheamus and Cesaro. Yes I do want to see Sheamus win this one and maybe put Cesaro in his own swing.
WHCmarkHenry  I don't know what to think of the Goldust and Stardust match against the USOS. Personally I want to see the USOS win, but if it goes the other way I feel the Rhodes Brothers may deserve it. They have to be the weirdest tag team I have seen in a long time. I sometimes think that Cody Rhodes alias Stardust is playing the part too good. But I still enjoy it. Next we have Randy Orton wrestling against Chris Jericho. This match has not been played up too much, but I would like to see Bray Wyatt and his family get involved only to see Jericho and Orton take them apart. Maybe with some help from the Big Show.
Goldust April 2014  Well those are pretty much all of the main events in the Night Of Champions. I just wonder if there will be any surprises along the way during the show. All I can say is I am going to enjoy it and maybe one of these days I will get to see another live show at the Blue Cross Arena here in Rochester New York.
Cody is Stardust June 16, 2014   Thank You for reading and Have A Nice Day as Mick Foley would say.   

What Is Going On With The Bella Twins In The WWE

The Bella Twins WMXXX
    What is going on with Nikki and Brie the Bella Twins. They have stuck together and worked very well as a tag team. They were performing their twin magic as they did there little switcharoo under the wrestling ring to end up winning the match. They would also do the switch with the fresh Bella to win the match. Through all the different show such as the Divas show they seemed to be very close. What I did notice is that as the Total Diva show progressed and Brie was going to marry Daniel Bryan things started to change. It almost seemed as though Nikki was getting a little jealous of her sister and her up coming marriage. From what I saw Brie just wanted her involved in her wedding, because she is her sister. There were a couple of rough spots as the wedding grew closer, but it seemed as things smoothed out.
Brie and nikki bella  The wedding had come and gone and everything was moving quite nicely until recently. Brie and Stephanie McMahon had gotten in to their feud resulting in Brie quitting. This seemed to be due to Triple H and Stephanie putting the pressure on Brie, because of her husband Daniel Bryan. Unfortunately Daniel Bryan was hurt with a neck injury due to his fight with Kane. This put him out of commission and it seemed as though Stephanie McMahon kept riding Brie until she slapped Stephanie in the face and quit.
  Since Brie was gone Stephanie put Nikki Bella in a number of matches that were extremely unfair. Nikki was constantly getting the you know what beat out of her. Brie did show up at the one match as a fan with a ticket and Stephanie came down to the ring just to taunt her some more. This resulted in Stephanie slapping Brie in the face. This is a no no, because no one on the show can ever touch a fan. Stephanie was arrested and ended up going off to jail. As they say turn around is fair play and Stephanie got Brie back in the ring to supposedly try and straighten things out. It ended up with Brie getting her job back and having a match with Stephanie. Then Stephanie comes out and tells Brie she is not wrestling her until summerslam. Stephanie brings out supposedly Daniel Bryan s  physical therapist who says she has been having an affair. Brie slaps her and the next thing Brie goes off to jail.

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