Who is leaving the WWE and who is coming into the WWE

Batista with World Heavyweight Championship  There are many wrestlers that come and go in the WWE. This also happens in TNA wrestling as well as many other wrestling companies. I think really it is just the name of the game. In other words some may leave due to not being in the spotlight as much as they would like. I imagine some leave due to contracts being up and some may leave due to injuries. These things are just normal reasons for change in the shows. I would like to see some different divisions built up on the different shows. That way they may attract more talent.
CM-Punk-Sleeping  Maybe going back to a cruiser weight division like TNA has the X Division would be a nice added feature. Adding some different talent to fight more often for the different championship belts would be nice. I have seen too many times where a wrestler has a championship belt and never seems to be defending the belt. Sometimes it seems as though the shows get stuck in a rut and it takes a long time to get out of that rut. In other words the gimmick is just running too long or should I say the feud plays out too long. One example is the Authority thing is getting a little old. There is way too much of belittling the various wrestlers on the shows. Is that really the message we want to be putting out there for our children.
TNA Sting  It is time to get some new talent in the putting together of the show. No I do not want to see wrestlers beating each other  in the head until they are nothing but a bloody mess. The sexual angle in some of the shows is going too far. It is taking away from the true meaning of wrestling. I am not saying I do not like the female wrestlers, but I think the edge should be more on the competition. In other words more competing for the championship belts. Maybe there should be some different divisions created for the women's championships. I only see one women's championship belt. Maybe there should be o woman's intercontinental championship belt or women's tag team belts.
Alberto Del Rio RAW 2012  Other things I would not mind seeing on cable TV is a free wrestling pay per view once a year. Maybe some free sweepstakes giveaways of some kind of wrestling memorabilia like a championship belt, t shirt or a wrestlers mask . I am not complaining, I absolutely love wrestling and have loved it since I was a kid back in the early 70s. I would just like to see some changes made to attract more wrestlers male and female to the shows. One of the things I do love is crowd participation. The light of the cell phone lights with Bray Wyatt is awesome. I like the way Roman Reigns enters the ring from the stands. I did see on Monday Night  Raw when a young kid came right up to him and gave him a bear hug. It made him stop right in his tracks. I just thought that was awesome and shows what children are thinking about the shows. It shows how children look up to a wrestler and brings out the good side of the sport.
  We really need to do something to keep our wrestlers and bring new talent in.
  Well that is all for now so Thank You for reading from one fan in the WWE Universe.

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