So Who Will Be The Next Heavyweight Champion John Cena Or Roman Reigns

John Cena 2010
John Cena
  I am not sure which one will be champion. With me it's kind of a toss up between John Cena and Roman Reigns. I like both of these wrestlers. With John Cena you have the colorful out spoke wrestler that is not afraid to say what he feels. He sometimes has a humerus way of getting his point across. He does however have his very serious way of getting his point across as well. I like the way he works with the crowd and enjoys the cheers as well as the boos. Fans are fans and by what the wrestler says and does they may change their minds on how they feel about someone.
Roman Reigns April 2014
Roman Reigns
  Now with Roman Reigns he seems to be generally a person who does not fool around. He is out there to do his job and get it done. I generally do not see him crack a smile. Although I think it was on Monday Night Raw I did see him smile. I do like his fearless attitude that I see come across when he is performing his moves. He has become a very popular fan favorite with the WWE Universe. Usually when his entrance music plays and he comes down the stairs from the crowd and goes straight to the ring to go to battle. He usually does not acknowledge the fans as they tap him on the shoulder, back or arm with their appreciation. Although I have noticed that the past few times I have watched him come down the stairs he has acknowledged some of the fans, which is a good thing. I can just imagine how the young fan feels when someone like Roman Reins gives him a shield fist.
Randy Orton 08
Randy Orton
Kane 2013
  My only hope is that by some strange event neither Randy Orton or Kane wins the Championship. My gut feeling is that neither of them will win the championship. I am seeing some resentment between Kane and Randy Orton. It seems as though Kane would like to be the Heavyweight Champion. If that happens one of two things may occur. It could end with Randy Orton and Kane Battling away outside the ring and fighting in the back. This would definitely lead to another feud with the possibility of Kane leaving the Authority and going his own way to become a fan favorite. This would then leave John Cena and Roman Reigns to battle it out until the best man wins. I guess all we can do as the universe is cheer on our favorite and enjoy the outcome.
  Thank You for reading and as Mick Foley says HAVE A NICE DAY.

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