John Cena Hangs On To The Gold


WWE Champion John Cena 2013

  Well the pay per view is over and once again John Cena has hung on to the Heavyweight Championship. This seems to be leaving Randy Orton, Kane and Roman Reigns still trying to get to the gold. I still see the fight brewing between Kane and Orton. On Monday Night Raw Roman Reigns stood up to Triple H and the Authority. Unfortunately Triple H put him in a two on one match with Kane and Randy Orton. I thought at first he was going to come out on the short end of the stick. But it turned around and Roman Reigns came out victorious.  This was mainly due to the fight brewing between Kane and Orton.
  It seems as though Triple H has his hands full with these three. Not only does he have to deal with that, but his wife Stephanie McMahon was taken away in handcuffs due to slapping Brie Bella who was at ringside as a fan. Brie Bella called her a vindictive bitch and Stephanie McMahon slapped her in the face to return the favor for Brie slapping Stephanie when she quit the WWE a few weeks ago. The problem is that Brie no longer is an employee of the WWE and was there with a ticket and as a fan. No one in the show can touch a fan and therefore was arrested and taken to jail for battery and resisting arrest. Triple H stayed at the show because THAT'S WHAT IS BEST FOR BUSINESS. I can see this one brewing for a match at some point with Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon. Triple H may end up in the dog house with not going with Stephanie his wife.
  I guess we will just have to sit back and watch what happens next.
  Finally I would just like to say CONGRATULATIONS To John Cena.  

So Who Will Be The Next Heavyweight Champion John Cena Or Roman Reigns

John Cena 2010
John Cena
  I am not sure which one will be champion. With me it's kind of a toss up between John Cena and Roman Reigns. I like both of these wrestlers. With John Cena you have the colorful out spoke wrestler that is not afraid to say what he feels. He sometimes has a humerus way of getting his point across. He does however have his very serious way of getting his point across as well. I like the way he works with the crowd and enjoys the cheers as well as the boos. Fans are fans and by what the wrestler says and does they may change their minds on how they feel about someone.
Roman Reigns April 2014
Roman Reigns
  Now with Roman Reigns he seems to be generally a person who does not fool around. He is out there to do his job and get it done. I generally do not see him crack a smile. Although I think it was on Monday Night Raw I did see him smile. I do like his fearless attitude that I see come across when he is performing his moves. He has become a very popular fan favorite with the WWE Universe. Usually when his entrance music plays and he comes down the stairs from the crowd and goes straight to the ring to go to battle. He usually does not acknowledge the fans as they tap him on the shoulder, back or arm with their appreciation. Although I have noticed that the past few times I have watched him come down the stairs he has acknowledged some of the fans, which is a good thing. I can just imagine how the young fan feels when someone like Roman Reins gives him a shield fist.
Randy Orton 08
Randy Orton
Kane 2013
  My only hope is that by some strange event neither Randy Orton or Kane wins the Championship. My gut feeling is that neither of them will win the championship. I am seeing some resentment between Kane and Randy Orton. It seems as though Kane would like to be the Heavyweight Champion. If that happens one of two things may occur. It could end with Randy Orton and Kane Battling away outside the ring and fighting in the back. This would definitely lead to another feud with the possibility of Kane leaving the Authority and going his own way to become a fan favorite. This would then leave John Cena and Roman Reigns to battle it out until the best man wins. I guess all we can do as the universe is cheer on our favorite and enjoy the outcome.
  Thank You for reading and as Mick Foley says HAVE A NICE DAY.

What Is Going On With The Rhodes Family

Dustin Runnels in Manchester
Dustin Rhodes
Cody rhodes and goldust  You know I thought it was strange enough when I saw Dustin Rhodes change to Goldust. I did not mind the gold and black colors, but the blonde wig was just a little too much. He was wrestling in the WWE for quite awhile and then sort of disappeared off the scene. He more than likely was either healing up or was wrestling for a different company. Well he finally came back and was doing okay for awhile. They had the big fiasco when they brought Dusty Rhodes into the ring with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Cody Rhodes had been fired from the WWE in 2013. Dusty managed to bring Dustin and Cody back into the WWE. They were becoming very popular and won the tag team titles at one point. Eventually they lost the titles to the new age outlaws and things just were not the same.
Goldust April 2014
  Cody was looking sort of depressed and told Goldust that he should find himself a new partner. Goldust himself was winning some of his singles matches to the likes of Alberto Del Rio and Curtis Axel. Goldust saw the problems that Cody was having and took it upon himself to find Cody a partner. Goldust had Cody teaming up with Sin Cara and R Truth, but things were just not working out. Cody was still having problems winning matches. He seemed as if he was searching for something but just was not finding it.
  Cody Rhodes finally told Goldust that he had finally found a partner for himself. Now here comes the strangest change I have seen in awhile. Cody comes out and he is in a sort of gold and black outfit somewhat similar to Goldust. Thank God he was not wearing a wig. The main object of his outfit was the star shape painted on his face and the star he makes when he puts his gloves together. Hence now we have the newest edition to the Rhodes Team Stardust. This makes one of the strangest and most colorful tag teams I have seen in a long time. They put shame on the colorful D-Generation X or Demolition or maybe even the Road Warriors.
Cody is Stardust June 16, 2014
  The other night on Friday Night Smackdown we saw Goldust fighting against Curtis Axel. Stardust was outside the ring standing on the barrier wall getting the crowd into the match. He was almost like a cheerleader. All I could think of was I hope he does not slip and accidentally fall into the crowd. It ended up with the typical kayos in the ring and then we saw something that reminded me of the Great Muta. Stardust blew what looked like little gold stars into the face of Ryback, which temporarily blinded him. He chased Cody (Stardust) to the ropes, which Stardust pulled down and Ryback tumbled over the ropes and onto the floor.
  Well it may be a very strange tag team that has been formed, but it looks like a winning one. All I hope is they do not dress up Dusty Rhodes in some kind of black and gold outfit. Well maybe if it has large polka dots on it and one large Polka Dot on Dusty's face it may just be okay. Never the less I love the show and always will.
  Thank You for Reading and as Mick Foley said Have A Nice Day.     

Congratulations To John Cena New Heavyweight Champion 2014

John cena (19)
  I simply just wanted to say congratulations to John Cena for winning the Heavyweight Championship. Yes John Cena has done it again for the 15th time in his career. That is just amazing and he may out do Ric Flair at some point. I guess we will just have to wait and see on that. John won the Heavyweight Belt or should I say Belts in the ladder match at Money In The Bank. Yes John Cena surpassed the other seven wrestlers in the match and did what he said he was going to do.
  Now of course Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were not very happy with the outcome. When the camera showed their faces they almost had a look of disgust on them. They were not happy campers so to speak. Unfortunately the face of the WWE Randy Orton did not win and had to have staples in his head. Yes he got his with a ladder and it gashed him open. Never the less he will be okay. On Monday Night Raw Stephanie and Triple H were trying to pull their nonsense on John Cena. Fortunately John Cena was having none of that and saw right through their boloney. Sorry Bo Dallas no pun intended on the Bo-loney. John did leave the ring on a good note when he made some references to the mud mess with Vicki Guerreo.
  So how long will John Cena hold on to the Heavyweight Championship this time. I would like to see him hold on to it until Daniel Bryan comes back from his neck injury. I would then like to see him and Daniel Bryan battle it out in a title match in the next WrestleMania. I am sure Triple H and Stephanie will throw lots of curve balls at him to make it difficult for him to hold on to the Heavyweight Championship. Maybe at some point we can have Bo Dallas out there praying for Triple H and Stephanie.
                   Thank You for reading and Happy 4th Of July. 

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