TNA Wrestling Has A New Manager

Kurt Angle en TNA  I was watching the TNA Wrestling show the other day and the big buzz was that there was a new manager. While MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley were in the ring beating on Eric Young one of the people from the head office came out and gave the news that MVP was no longer in charge. Just prior to that message Bobby Roode jumped into the ring to help stop what was going on. Well it seems as though the tables have been turned on MVP and his two associates. I did see highlights of the match between Eric Young and Bobby Lashley. It seemed as though it could have gone either way, but do to some interference it was swayed right into Bobby Lashleys hands. The referee was pulled out of the ring by MVP giving the upper hand to Lashley resulting in him pinning Eric Young only to win the title. Some things just never seem to change.
Dixie Carter on the mic  The next thing I saw was various individuals trying to figure out who the next manager was. We had Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud running around ready to come out and be in charge again. Unfortunately for Dixie Carter she is not in charge. They ended up showing someone in a suit walking to the ring. They only showed the persons dress shows, so you knew it was not a female. Well the person came out and it was none other than Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle is the new Executive Director Of Wrestling Operations, in other words the Boss. I believe he is in charge while his knee recovers from his recent re-injury. I suppose now we will have Dixie Carter coming out to argue with Kurt Angle and maybe try to bully him just as she was doing with MVP.
Montel Vontavious Porter NJPW   I suppose we will have to see just what becomes of this. We already had MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley trying to bully or push Kurt Angle around. I have a feeling they won't get very far. Hopefully Kurt Angle will do a good job. I just wonder if Hulk Hogan is going to reappear on the TNA show at some point. He was on the WWE show for a short time and has not been around for awhile. I guess only time will tell and we all will have to watch the show to see what happens from here on out.
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