Awesome Job Roman Reins Winning The Battle Royal On Monday Night Raw

Roman Reigns July 2013
Roman Reins
  Ah yes Roman Reins as well as the rest of the shield would not have a chance at the Heavyweight Title. On the other hand by giving something to make Triple H and Stephanie McMahon sick Roman Reins wiggled his way into the battle royal match. The only drawback was that Triple H spilled his drink and Vickie Guerrero had to get another drink. So Triple H never got sick, but poor Stephanie McMahon did. Vickie opened the bathroom door and Stephanie floored her with more vomit then an Elephant would throw up. There stood Vickie covered in dripping puke and then she let out her Vickie scream that would make a Sasquatches hair stand up.
  Roman Reins made his way through opponent after  opponent. He was just smacking and dropping wrestlers all over the place. It finally came down to Roman Reins and Rusev. It went back and forth with these two powerhouses banging heads. Finally Rusev ended up on the outside of the ring apron. Roman Reins loaded up for his superman punch and he let Rusev have. Rusev went flying off the ring apron and hit the floor. Roman Reins won the battle royal and will take his place in the championship match.

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