TNA Wrestling Has A New Manager

Kurt Angle en TNA  I was watching the TNA Wrestling show the other day and the big buzz was that there was a new manager. While MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley were in the ring beating on Eric Young one of the people from the head office came out and gave the news that MVP was no longer in charge. Just prior to that message Bobby Roode jumped into the ring to help stop what was going on. Well it seems as though the tables have been turned on MVP and his two associates. I did see highlights of the match between Eric Young and Bobby Lashley. It seemed as though it could have gone either way, but do to some interference it was swayed right into Bobby Lashleys hands. The referee was pulled out of the ring by MVP giving the upper hand to Lashley resulting in him pinning Eric Young only to win the title. Some things just never seem to change.
Dixie Carter on the mic  The next thing I saw was various individuals trying to figure out who the next manager was. We had Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud running around ready to come out and be in charge again. Unfortunately for Dixie Carter she is not in charge. They ended up showing someone in a suit walking to the ring. They only showed the persons dress shows, so you knew it was not a female. Well the person came out and it was none other than Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle is the new Executive Director Of Wrestling Operations, in other words the Boss. I believe he is in charge while his knee recovers from his recent re-injury. I suppose now we will have Dixie Carter coming out to argue with Kurt Angle and maybe try to bully him just as she was doing with MVP.
Montel Vontavious Porter NJPW   I suppose we will have to see just what becomes of this. We already had MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley trying to bully or push Kurt Angle around. I have a feeling they won't get very far. Hopefully Kurt Angle will do a good job. I just wonder if Hulk Hogan is going to reappear on the TNA show at some point. He was on the WWE show for a short time and has not been around for awhile. I guess only time will tell and we all will have to watch the show to see what happens from here on out.
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Awesome Job Roman Reins Winning The Battle Royal On Monday Night Raw

Roman Reigns July 2013
Roman Reins
  Ah yes Roman Reins as well as the rest of the shield would not have a chance at the Heavyweight Title. On the other hand by giving something to make Triple H and Stephanie McMahon sick Roman Reins wiggled his way into the battle royal match. The only drawback was that Triple H spilled his drink and Vickie Guerrero had to get another drink. So Triple H never got sick, but poor Stephanie McMahon did. Vickie opened the bathroom door and Stephanie floored her with more vomit then an Elephant would throw up. There stood Vickie covered in dripping puke and then she let out her Vickie scream that would make a Sasquatches hair stand up.
  Roman Reins made his way through opponent after  opponent. He was just smacking and dropping wrestlers all over the place. It finally came down to Roman Reins and Rusev. It went back and forth with these two powerhouses banging heads. Finally Rusev ended up on the outside of the ring apron. Roman Reins loaded up for his superman punch and he let Rusev have. Rusev went flying off the ring apron and hit the floor. Roman Reins won the battle royal and will take his place in the championship match.

Problems within the Shield

The Shield 2014
  So what is going on with the shield. I saw it on Monday Night Raw when Seth Rollins turned his back on his team mates or brothers if you will. Sorry borrowed that from the Great American Dream Dusty Rhodes. Okay back to the question at hand. So Seth Rollins comes back in the ring in what appears to be a standoff with evolution minus Batista. Seth Rollins then takes the metal chair and begins to beat Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns to death. You could see all the bruises on Roman Reigns back. I would say that had to hurt. So Seth Rollins leaves the ring, gives the chair to Randy Orton and takes his place beside Triple H.
Seth Rollins November 2013
Seth Rollins
Cena With Spinner Belt
John Cena
  This week on Monday Night Raw Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns call out Seth Rollins to come down to the ring. I smell some kind of a typical ambush plot in the works. Seth Gets in the ring and it looks like he will get his just rewards when the Wyatts music plays, the lights go out, come back on and now Seth Rollins is out of the ring and Bray Wyatts to partners are in the ring. They start beating on the Shield when John Cena's music goes of and he come running to the ring to save the day. We also have Bray Wyatt in the ring as well. The Wyatts are driven from the ring as they are losing the battle.
The Wyatt Family in April 2014
The Wyatts
  So now we have a match at the end of the show with these to teams fighting each other. This one goes back and forth, but it's hard to tell who the winner will be. After each of them had played out their best moves, it ends up with the shield and John Cena being the winners. I did notice that through the match from beginning to the end there were some strange looks between John Cena and the Shield. I think they are not really sure on either side whether they can trust each other. I have a feeling this may work in the long run, but who knows how long this feud will play out.
Shield vs Evolution
Evoloution and The Shield Squaring Off


  I still would like to see someone or more than one wrestler join the Shield to take care of the injustice in the WWE. I myself would like to see The Big Show join the Shield so he can wield a strong hand to Evolution. I would also like to see Daniel Bryan come back after he is healed and join the Shield. Another Wrestler I would like to see join the Shield is none other than Batista. I would also like to see Batista let Daniel Bryan know that he is an A+ Player. I was sorry to hear that Daniel Bryan was stripped of the title, but I do feel that this is a fair decision. I also feel that they should give the proper amount of time for him to defend the title.
  If Evolutions team size is to grow, which seems to be happening then I think the Shields Team size should also grow. Well that's all for now so enjoy the show.  

Don't Be A Lemon, Be A Rosebud

 I really like Adam Rose the new wrestler on the scene in the WWE. His music starts and a somewhat strange cast of characters come out dancing around. They sort of part and here comes Adam Rose with a lollipop in his mouth. I have no idea what flavor it is. He then makes his way to the ring and jumps up on the ring apron. He then falls backwards and his followers catch him. They are him around the ring dancing as they go. They then boost him up on the ring apron again and he enters the ring.

Swagger & colterJack Swagger Jan 2013

  He has made himself known to a few different wrestlers so far. His latest seems to be a feud with Jack Swagger.He has interrupted Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger on a few different occasions while they are in the ring. He has caused Jack Swagger to lose his concentration while in a match in the ring. This has resulted in Jack Swagger losing the match. I have also seen Adam Rose wrestling Damien Sandow in a match where he won. Generally he seems to be in a good mood, but I have seen him suddenly get angry and the look on his face changes. His aggression comes out and he picks up the pace and so far wins the match.
  Who knows how far Adam Rose will go in the WWE. Maybe they can slowly change him to a more serious wrestler. Right now the attitude is it's party time. When I first saw him it reminded me of the Ho Train with the GodFather. Of course there are some big differences with the characters. Either way I will sit back and enjoy the show.
  Thank You for reading and enjoy the show.  

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