What Is Going On With Bray Wyatt And John Cena

Bray Wyatt On Monday Night Raw I saw the strangest thing I ever saw on the show. You had John Cena in the ring in a steel cage speaking about why the WWE Universe voted him to wrestle against the three members of the Wyatt crew. Honestly I have to agree with him. I would never voted to see him wrestle against all three of the Wyatts. I would have loved to see just him and Bray in the steel cage with no interference. I really don't know why some people are booing John Cena. I happen to like him, I believe he stands for all good qualities. Maybe some fans just don't like the good guy anymore. Maybe it's just another sign of the times.
Bray Wyatt is creepy   At first it was eerily creepy to have the little child's voice singing you've got the whole world in your hand. Then they show all these children up on the stage singing that song. If things were not bad enough Bray Wyatt comes out singing and all these children follow him down to the ring and surround the steel cage singing as if they are following the pied piper. Sorry to Rowdy Roddy Piper to use the name piper. Then to make it worse the lights come on and all these innocent children are wearing the sheep masks. This indicates that he is the master and the sheep follow the master.
The Wyatt Family  I just did not like the idea of all these children following a character that is actually a sick demented character. This is like the Jim Jones koolaid incidence where people followed a sick person to their deaths. I would be afraid that young children may actually think it's okay to follow someone like this who is giving small inclinations that he is a God. I am sorry, but this kind of thing is unacceptable and is going a bit too far for the professional wrestling show that I have loved for years. Yes I have seen some very strange characters, but this was too much.
John Cena 2010   I would rather see some how Bray Wyatt eventually seeing the light. I am just hoping that John Cena defeats Bray Wyatt in the steel cage and his sickness goes no further. It's about time that some decent character bringing truth appears on the show. We had those days with Hulkamania and the Ultimate Warrior. I like what Daniel Bryan is doing in the ring and how he relates to the WWE fans. He is standing up for all the right reasons. Although I don't think he is the right character for what I am thinking about.
  We have seen too many things in real life where children are becoming the victims of sick individuals that have become corrupted by a society out of hand. Lets not bring that to the ring, unfortunately it may be too late. I hate to be the bearer of the truth in a dark world.       

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