What Is Going On In TNA Wrestling Lately

Dixie Carter 2
Dixie Carter
Bully Ray Jan 2013
Bully Ray
  So what is up with this Dixie Carter and Bully Ray feud. Dixie Carter fears Bully Ray or is it Bully Ray fears Dixie Carter. I am watching the TNA Wrestling show and I see this written on tables in the ring. Then I see Bully Ray in Dixie Carters house and outside is a table with Dixie Carter fears Bully Ray. The next thing I see is Bully Ray in the ring and it looks like he is going to put her through a table. Then the next thing is he gets clipped in the leg from behind and then Ethan Carter III puts him through a table. He almost catches them in the parking garage, but they manage to escape. I guess I will have to see what happens next week. This situation just seems to be getting worse and will get to a boiling point and end at a pay per view in the near future.
Montel Vontavious Porter NJPW
X Divison ChampionKenny King
Kenny King
  The next thing I see is MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley forming some kind of alliance. Then they are beating up on Eric Young as he wants to go after MVP. Then here comes Austin Aries into the ring, but he ends up on the wrong end of the stick so to speak. After that you have Bully Ray coming to the ring and he is yelling at MVP. The what happens, you guessed it he get jumped on by the three of them. I think I see a six man tag team match of some sort in the near future. This seems to be a similar power struggle going on in other wrestling companies. I guess it's good for business if you know what I mean.
Bobby Lashley
  This one is really strange with the three ring circus gang. Out come the clowns on stilts and a crazy clown, a pretty girl and a big strong guy with a mask. I wonder if that is none other than Rob Terry. He sure looks like he has his build, but who knows. I just watch the pretty girl do the splits on the ring ropes and think ouch that could hurt. I have to say this on the TNA Wrestling show for some strange reason is keeping my attention.
Ken Anderson
Ken Anderson
James Storm On Right
  What happens next is you have Ken Anderson and Cowboy James Storm boozing it up in some bar. It looks like they are having a drinking contest of some sort. The camera closes up on Ken Anderson's face and he has this funny little grin. My son asks is he spitting out the beer somewhere so he is not really that drunk. I was waiting for the bar fight to break out, but that did not seem to happen. Maybe we will have to wait until next week and see what happens. Oh great another cliff hanger in the works.
Jeff Hardy Willow 2014 (cropped)
Jeff Hardy As Willow
  Then we have Jeff Hardy coming out as his alter ego Willow. I still can not get used to that strange laugh. It is just way too creepy for me. I do however seem to like the mask he is wearing. What I do find strange is the what sounds like an old English accent he has know when he speaks. He still does some of his high flying Ariel moves off the turnbuckle. The crowd seems to like him whether he is Jeff Hardy or whether he is Willow.
The Beautiful People Bloomington IL 062008
The Beautiful People
Kicked out of the club by KnightNephrite
Placing The Bag
  Finally We have the beautiful people up to their same old high jinks. They come out first behind a screen doing their what I would call James Bond moves. They bring a bag with Angelina Loves face on it. You also have Velvet Sky doing an awesome job with her moves. The only thing I don't like are those big black hairy boots they wear.   

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