John Cena and Bray Wyatt Saga Continues

  Well I did not get to watch the pay per view, but I did see the recap on Monday Night Raw. I see Bray Wyatt ended up winning. I saw the little boy singing he's got the whole world in his hands in an extremely demonic voice. This is starting to remind me of that old weird movie Children Of The Corn. Yes in that movie you had a sick person leading a bunch of brainwashed children. He had them convinced he was some kind of God. All I can say is look where it got him.
  I just wonder if this strange saga is going to play out all summer. I also wonder who else is going to get dragged into this whole event. Maybe we will see the shield come out in all white fatigues instead of the all black fatigues. Or maybe all the Legends will get together and put Bray Wyatt and his family in straight jackets and take them away. Maybe it will end with him in a cell just like the Batman movie with the Riddler only he will be yelling I Am A God.
  I have to listen to the Main Event if it is on cable tv tonight just to see what happens. Otherwise I will have to wait for Friday Night Smackdown to see what happens. After listening to some of the things Bray Wyatt was saying on Monday Night Raw I think he is just a very confused character. He says some things that are very good things about young people and some of the problems of society. Then he says something else totally in the opposite direction. Yes the true sign of a confused cult leader.
  Maybe it will end up with John Cena and Bray Wyatt at Hell In A Cell, because that is where all cult leaders will go one day.  

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