Alexander Rusev The Newest Big Russian Wrestler In The WWE

Alexander Rusev
Alexander Rousev Clutch
Alexander Rusev Applying The Camel Clutch
   The last time I remember a big Russian Wrestler was in the WWF and that was Nikolai Volkoff. I remember him tag teaming with the Iron Sheik. That was back around 1984 if my memory serves me right. I can remember Nikolai coming out and singing the Russian National Anthem before every match. Of course there have been some other Russian Wrestlers along the way such as Ivan Koloff, Nikita Koloff, Krusher Kruschev and Boris Zhukov. Then in 2010 we saw Vladimir Kozlov come to the WWE as a free agent when the ECW ended. He was a real power house with a mean look on his face.
Nikolai Volkoff
Nikolai Volkoff
  Today currently we have Alexander Rusev appearing on the WWE roster. They have been building up his appearance with little clips here and there. First his female manager comes out and makes a few statements about him. So far he has been plowing right through all the wrestlers. The match has sort of been going back and forth with the other wrestler giving all they have. Then his female manager Lana will make a fist and utter the phrase CRUSH HIM. This seems to turn on a power switch within him and he does crush his opponent. He generally ends the match with his finishing move, which to me reminds me of the old camel clutch. His opponent will have to tap out with him winning. Maybe we will see Alexander Rusev in the next WWE Wrestlemania pay per view show. So far Rusev has been on both WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown. I would just keep track on any WWE News or watch the WWE Network.
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
  This past Monday Night Raw he was going to beat on Super Star Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Suddenly Big E came running down the ramp and jumped in the ring to stop what would have been bad. Unfortunately Alexander Rusev got the better of that round with Big E outside the ring not looking so good. I wonder if this is going to be the start of a rivalry between these to big wrestlers. I am just wondering if the Big Show is going to step in at some point since we have not seen him lately. It usually will be someone who is extremely pro USA to go up against this big Russian.
Big E Langston
Big E Langston
  I am trying to think of who has been really pro USA lately. The only person that comes to mind is Jack Swagger, but I don't think he could match him power for power. In the old days you had Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the ever popular Sargent Slaughter. Maybe we need some really new Pro USA Big wrestler to come along. The wrestler is got to be out there somewhere. The other possibility is that at some point Rusev will get tired of being controlled by Lana and become a good guy. I guess we will just have to wait and see.
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