What Is Going On In TNA Wrestling Lately

Dixie Carter 2
Dixie Carter
Bully Ray Jan 2013
Bully Ray
  So what is up with this Dixie Carter and Bully Ray feud. Dixie Carter fears Bully Ray or is it Bully Ray fears Dixie Carter. I am watching the TNA Wrestling show and I see this written on tables in the ring. Then I see Bully Ray in Dixie Carters house and outside is a table with Dixie Carter fears Bully Ray. The next thing I see is Bully Ray in the ring and it looks like he is going to put her through a table. Then the next thing is he gets clipped in the leg from behind and then Ethan Carter III puts him through a table. He almost catches them in the parking garage, but they manage to escape. I guess I will have to see what happens next week. This situation just seems to be getting worse and will get to a boiling point and end at a pay per view in the near future.
Montel Vontavious Porter NJPW
X Divison ChampionKenny King
Kenny King
  The next thing I see is MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley forming some kind of alliance. Then they are beating up on Eric Young as he wants to go after MVP. Then here comes Austin Aries into the ring, but he ends up on the wrong end of the stick so to speak. After that you have Bully Ray coming to the ring and he is yelling at MVP. The what happens, you guessed it he get jumped on by the three of them. I think I see a six man tag team match of some sort in the near future. This seems to be a similar power struggle going on in other wrestling companies. I guess it's good for business if you know what I mean.
Bobby Lashley
  This one is really strange with the three ring circus gang. Out come the clowns on stilts and a crazy clown, a pretty girl and a big strong guy with a mask. I wonder if that is none other than Rob Terry. He sure looks like he has his build, but who knows. I just watch the pretty girl do the splits on the ring ropes and think ouch that could hurt. I have to say this on the TNA Wrestling show for some strange reason is keeping my attention.
Ken Anderson
Ken Anderson
James Storm On Right
  What happens next is you have Ken Anderson and Cowboy James Storm boozing it up in some bar. It looks like they are having a drinking contest of some sort. The camera closes up on Ken Anderson's face and he has this funny little grin. My son asks is he spitting out the beer somewhere so he is not really that drunk. I was waiting for the bar fight to break out, but that did not seem to happen. Maybe we will have to wait until next week and see what happens. Oh great another cliff hanger in the works.
Jeff Hardy Willow 2014 (cropped)
Jeff Hardy As Willow
  Then we have Jeff Hardy coming out as his alter ego Willow. I still can not get used to that strange laugh. It is just way too creepy for me. I do however seem to like the mask he is wearing. What I do find strange is the what sounds like an old English accent he has know when he speaks. He still does some of his high flying Ariel moves off the turnbuckle. The crowd seems to like him whether he is Jeff Hardy or whether he is Willow.
The Beautiful People Bloomington IL 062008
The Beautiful People
Kicked out of the club by KnightNephrite
Placing The Bag
  Finally We have the beautiful people up to their same old high jinks. They come out first behind a screen doing their what I would call James Bond moves. They bring a bag with Angelina Loves face on it. You also have Velvet Sky doing an awesome job with her moves. The only thing I don't like are those big black hairy boots they wear.   

Alexander Rusev The Newest Big Russian Wrestler In The WWE

Alexander Rusev
Alexander Rousev Clutch
Alexander Rusev Applying The Camel Clutch
   The last time I remember a big Russian Wrestler was in the WWF and that was Nikolai Volkoff. I remember him tag teaming with the Iron Sheik. That was back around 1984 if my memory serves me right. I can remember Nikolai coming out and singing the Russian National Anthem before every match. Of course there have been some other Russian Wrestlers along the way such as Ivan Koloff, Nikita Koloff, Krusher Kruschev and Boris Zhukov. Then in 2010 we saw Vladimir Kozlov come to the WWE as a free agent when the ECW ended. He was a real power house with a mean look on his face.
Nikolai Volkoff
Nikolai Volkoff
  Today currently we have Alexander Rusev appearing on the WWE roster. They have been building up his appearance with little clips here and there. First his female manager comes out and makes a few statements about him. So far he has been plowing right through all the wrestlers. The match has sort of been going back and forth with the other wrestler giving all they have. Then his female manager Lana will make a fist and utter the phrase CRUSH HIM. This seems to turn on a power switch within him and he does crush his opponent. He generally ends the match with his finishing move, which to me reminds me of the old camel clutch. His opponent will have to tap out with him winning. Maybe we will see Alexander Rusev in the next WWE Wrestlemania pay per view show. So far Rusev has been on both WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown. I would just keep track on any WWE News or watch the WWE Network.
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
  This past Monday Night Raw he was going to beat on Super Star Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Suddenly Big E came running down the ramp and jumped in the ring to stop what would have been bad. Unfortunately Alexander Rusev got the better of that round with Big E outside the ring not looking so good. I wonder if this is going to be the start of a rivalry between these to big wrestlers. I am just wondering if the Big Show is going to step in at some point since we have not seen him lately. It usually will be someone who is extremely pro USA to go up against this big Russian.
Big E Langston
Big E Langston
  I am trying to think of who has been really pro USA lately. The only person that comes to mind is Jack Swagger, but I don't think he could match him power for power. In the old days you had Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the ever popular Sargent Slaughter. Maybe we need some really new Pro USA Big wrestler to come along. The wrestler is got to be out there somewhere. The other possibility is that at some point Rusev will get tired of being controlled by Lana and become a good guy. I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  Thank You for reading and have a nice day.

John Cena and Bray Wyatt Saga Continues

  Well I did not get to watch the pay per view, but I did see the recap on Monday Night Raw. I see Bray Wyatt ended up winning. I saw the little boy singing he's got the whole world in his hands in an extremely demonic voice. This is starting to remind me of that old weird movie Children Of The Corn. Yes in that movie you had a sick person leading a bunch of brainwashed children. He had them convinced he was some kind of God. All I can say is look where it got him.
  I just wonder if this strange saga is going to play out all summer. I also wonder who else is going to get dragged into this whole event. Maybe we will see the shield come out in all white fatigues instead of the all black fatigues. Or maybe all the Legends will get together and put Bray Wyatt and his family in straight jackets and take them away. Maybe it will end with him in a cell just like the Batman movie with the Riddler only he will be yelling I Am A God.
  I have to listen to the Main Event if it is on cable tv tonight just to see what happens. Otherwise I will have to wait for Friday Night Smackdown to see what happens. After listening to some of the things Bray Wyatt was saying on Monday Night Raw I think he is just a very confused character. He says some things that are very good things about young people and some of the problems of society. Then he says something else totally in the opposite direction. Yes the true sign of a confused cult leader.
  Maybe it will end up with John Cena and Bray Wyatt at Hell In A Cell, because that is where all cult leaders will go one day.  

What Is Going On With Bray Wyatt And John Cena

Bray Wyatt On Monday Night Raw I saw the strangest thing I ever saw on the show. You had John Cena in the ring in a steel cage speaking about why the WWE Universe voted him to wrestle against the three members of the Wyatt crew. Honestly I have to agree with him. I would never voted to see him wrestle against all three of the Wyatts. I would have loved to see just him and Bray in the steel cage with no interference. I really don't know why some people are booing John Cena. I happen to like him, I believe he stands for all good qualities. Maybe some fans just don't like the good guy anymore. Maybe it's just another sign of the times.
Bray Wyatt is creepy   At first it was eerily creepy to have the little child's voice singing you've got the whole world in your hand. Then they show all these children up on the stage singing that song. If things were not bad enough Bray Wyatt comes out singing and all these children follow him down to the ring and surround the steel cage singing as if they are following the pied piper. Sorry to Rowdy Roddy Piper to use the name piper. Then to make it worse the lights come on and all these innocent children are wearing the sheep masks. This indicates that he is the master and the sheep follow the master.
The Wyatt Family  I just did not like the idea of all these children following a character that is actually a sick demented character. This is like the Jim Jones koolaid incidence where people followed a sick person to their deaths. I would be afraid that young children may actually think it's okay to follow someone like this who is giving small inclinations that he is a God. I am sorry, but this kind of thing is unacceptable and is going a bit too far for the professional wrestling show that I have loved for years. Yes I have seen some very strange characters, but this was too much.
John Cena 2010   I would rather see some how Bray Wyatt eventually seeing the light. I am just hoping that John Cena defeats Bray Wyatt in the steel cage and his sickness goes no further. It's about time that some decent character bringing truth appears on the show. We had those days with Hulkamania and the Ultimate Warrior. I like what Daniel Bryan is doing in the ring and how he relates to the WWE fans. He is standing up for all the right reasons. Although I don't think he is the right character for what I am thinking about.
  We have seen too many things in real life where children are becoming the victims of sick individuals that have become corrupted by a society out of hand. Lets not bring that to the ring, unfortunately it may be too late. I hate to be the bearer of the truth in a dark world.       

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