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scott steiner By Familyguy001
   When I first started watching TNA Wrestling I saw some old faces as well as some new faces. It was funny that certain wrestlers disappeared from WWE. Now watching TNA I found where they had gone. In the beginning I was watching Jeff Jarrett running the show. I had not seen him in a long time. Other wrestlers that I was watching were Kurt Angle, Rhyno, Team 3D (Dudley s), Sting, Hulk Hogan as well as others. There were also quite a few new faces that I had never seen before, such as Abyss, Eric Young, Robert Roode, Cowboy James Storm, AJ Styles and  many more.

Abyss July 2010
Abyss By daysofthundr46
  I have to say since that time until now in 2014 the show has become quite popular. I have seen a few wrestlers go back and forth between TNA and WWE. I have noticed that the size of the crowd at ringside has grown since I have been watching the show. The one thing that seems to change as well is the changing of managers. I have seen Jeff Jarrett, Hulk Hogan, Sting, Dixie Carter and now MVP. As far as Hulk Hogan goes it seems as though he is back in the WWE. Will he stay there or will he go back to TNA, that is the question. It seems now that the fight is between Dixie Carter and MVP. I had not seen MVP since the days when he was in the WWE. Manager feuds you have just got to love them.

Dixie Carter on the mic
Dixie Carter  By Simon from United Kingdom 

Montel Vontavious Porter May 2012
MVP By daysofthundr46
  There have been a whole host of different characters come and go on the show. Titles have changed hands back and forth, which keeps it interesting. There are different divisions, such as the womans division with Gail Kim, Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne and Angelina  Love. Yes we now have the reunion of the beautiful people. The other division is the X-Division, with wrestlers such as Austin Aries, Chris Sabin, Kaz, Christopher Daniels as well as other wrestlers. The different types of matches have been very good as well and keep the audience interested in what is going on.

Velvet Sky Tag Champion
Velvet Sky By daysofthundr46

The Beautiful People Bloomington IL 062008
The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) By Mshake3
  Of course you still have the good guy and bad guy type characters. You also have the wrestlers that are good for awhile and then shift to the bad guy wrestler. Then there are others that just when you think they are the bad guy they turn right around and become the good guy. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with who's who in the ring. For example you have Jeff Hardy doing his amazing high flying moves and then he is gone. Now his alter ego shows up called willow. The laugh of this character gets me every time. Then with MVP I am not sure if he is a manager or wrestler or both.
  Yes and finally you have the just plain crazy bunch. We saw the building up of the Aces and Eights with Bully Ray as the leader.  You then had the return of the Main Event Mafia with Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Magnus and Sting return to defeat the Aces and Eights . We saw some older faces and new faces involved in that one. Of course now they have become disbanded. Then there was the whole saga with Joseph Parks looking for his brother Abyss. Of course we all new that this was really Abyss. This seemed to become a really twisted story and had many turns. Now we have Eric Young who made Joseph Parks realize that he is Abyss. Now Abyss is back with a different mask, but the same sort of tricks like a bag full of tacks or his friend Janice. I am really not sure where that story is going, but I am staying glued to it.

Aces & Eights Jan 2013
Aces & Eights By Simon Q

Samoa Joe TNA Champion Sep 2008
Samoa Joe By daysofthundr46
  Oh yes before I forget we also have the fighting going on for the championship belt. This one is between Magnus, Samoa Joe, Eric Young and Abyss. Of course we did see Eric Young defeat Magnus and win the belt. Will he keep it is the question. I think Abyss is going to be deeper involved in this and may end up with the belt in the end. I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  Thank You for reading and stay safe.

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