Rest In Peace Ultimate Warrior

  Well wrestling fans we have lost another one of the greats. I saw on the internet this morning while at work repairing computers that the Ultimate Warrior  passed away on Tuesday April 8th just a few days after Wrestlemania 30. I personally did not watch Wrestlemania, but saw the recaps on Monday Night Raw. I did watch his speech on Monday Night Raw in the ring.  I did notice that when he was in the ring talking to the fans he seemed to be out of breath quite a bit. I also noticed that when he tried to do his ring rope shaking as he had always done he could hardly shake the ropes. I just had an awful feeling that something was wrong. The last time I saw something like that was when I saw Eddie Guerreo's  last wrestling match.

        (NEW) 2013: Ultimate Warrior 1st TNA Theme Song ►"Unstable V3" By Various          Artists +    DLᴴᴰ                                                                                       by MrTheTOKidV4

                             Ultimate Warrior's wwe HALL of Fame tribute

   If you would like to see his last speech in the ring on Monday Night Raw as the Ultimate Warrior copy and paste the link in your address bar and press enter. Listen closely to what he says .


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