Evolution Is Back In The WWE

Evolution WWE
Members of Evolution
 Well it seems at though we have a reunion of sorts with Evolution getting back together. The only member I have not seen show up is Ric Flair The Nature Boy. The other three have been causing problems for the Shield as of late. It seems as though the Shield have become the good guys in a strange way. Triple H has been having the shield wrestle eleven other wrestlers in an extremely one sided handicapped match, only to have the three members of evolution to come down to the ring and beat on the already beat up members of the shield.

The Shield 2014
The Shield (from left to right: Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose)

WWE Champion CM Punk
CM Punk
13 Rey Mysterio Cropped
Rey Mysterio
 What I would like to see is the Shield add some more members to their crew. If I had to pick some additional members to add I think maybe The Big Show and the Undertaker. I think there could even be a few more added like CM Punk and maybe Kane or the Miz. The only reason I say Kane is because I have noticed Stephanie McMahon speaking kind of nasty to Kane to bring out the missing monster. Another person I would not mind seeing join the Shield is Rey Mysterio. I like the idea of Rey Mysterio, because of his various high flying moves in the ring. This could add the high flying moves of Seth Rollins. On a final thought how about Hulk Hogan coming out in black to sort of lead the Shield for awhile. Triple H is the leader of one side and Hulk Hogan the leader of the other side. I kind of like this idea.
Hulk Hogan July 2010 - cropped
Hulk Hogan

 It just seems that this great struggle for power in the WWE is getting a little out of hands at times. I am just wondering when the rest of the McMahon family will get involved. A few times we have seen Triple H and Stephanie getting into a little moment of anger between the two. Maybe Mr and Mrs McMahon will show up to straighten out the mess of power. Maybe we could also see Shane McMahon show up only to join the Shield. That would make an interesting turn of events.

Daniel Bryan WWE Champion
Daniel Bryan WWE World Heavyweight Champion
   You almost get the feeling that Triple H is jealous of Daniel Bryan. It could be because Triple H always loved to be in the spotlight. Now we see Daniel Bryan becoming extremely popular with the WWE Universe. It is getting to a point that with the people cheering YES YES YES you can't always hear anyone talking in the ring. As far as I am concerned I absolutely love it. I did notice too that Hulk Hogan and Daniel Bryan were in the ring together. This was evident that you had the two most popular characters in the ring. One from the past and one that is presently very popular.
                  Well that's all for now so enjoy the show.    

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